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New york city

No description

briege riley

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of New york city

Grand Central Station is the biggest train station in New York City and is also the busiest one in the world!! It has 67 different tracks on 2 different levels. The railroad was constructed from 1903 to 1913 and was officially opened February 2, 1913. In 1831 it started service to 4th Ave and 23rd Street. Something interesting to check out at Grand Central is the whispering wall that is made of marble. At this wall, you can have two people stand on opposite sides of the room, and if one person whispers, you can hear their whisper from the other side! Restorers finished a big project in 1998 clearing 12 years worth of grime off the ceiling! 750,000 people walk through every day, with about 150,000 commuters using the trains for transportation daily! There is also a secret platform, called platform 61! President Roosevelt created this platform just for him, so he wouldn’t have to deal with all of the commotion. He had polio and didn’t want people knowing that he is in a wheel chair. He always had a private limo waiting outside for him!
Trains from Grand Central can even go to the North Pole!

Madison Square Garden is the worlds most famous arena. A nickname is “The Garden” or “MSG.” The funniest thing is that Madison Square Garden is no where near Madison Square and is definitely not a garden. There were 4 Madison Square Gardens. The most recent MSG is located in Manhattan In between 31st and 33rd street. The most current MSG is on penn station!!! During the Ring Ling Brothers circus, they trailed elephents though the tunels and up into MSG!! The 1st MSG was built in 1879. It holds concerts and sporting events such as the NY Knicks, NY Rangers, as well as college basketball. The fastest sell out for MSG was Taylor Swift, she sold out the whole arena in 60 seconds. MSG is also known as the busiest arena in the whole entire world! When Michael Jackson played the concert “Bad” it was voted the best concert in MSG history. In 1879 the first artificial rink in North America was created at MSG. Madison Square Garden II had a seating vacancy of 8,000 people!!! “The Garden” is the oldest NHL arena and the oldest NBA arena. MSG has a interesting history!

Radio City Music Hall
Radio City Music Hall is a building in Rockefeller Center. It was built December,1932 during the great depression. A rich man named Donald Deskey designed it. John D Rockefeller made it and the only reason was because he struck rich. It was mostly made of luun. The big hall sits 6,000 people!!! More than 3,000 people come to see big performances and events. One fun show to see there is The Rockets. Each christmas there is an annual show called The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. That is some of Radio City Music Hall’s main facts and history. Maybe you could visit it and see it for yourself someday!!

About The Author
Madison Square Garden

Grand Central Station
New York City
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Rebecca Aldrich
Briege Riley

My name is Briege Riley. I love to read and write. Pandas are my favorite animals and I love green and yellow. I have 2 little sisters. I like cats and humming birds too.
Times Square and Broadway
The Shuburt Theater
Times Square and Broadway are one of my favorite places to visit in NYC. In fact, Times Square is the most visited place in the world. In 1917 the first electric billboard was installed. While I was in New York City I went to the Shubert Theater. The Shubert Theater is a famous theater on Broadway that has done a whole bunch of famous plays. When I was there I saw the musical Matilda.
The Shubert Theater was built in 1913. This big theater can hold 1,460 people. The Shubert brothers built the Shubert Theater and that is what this Theater is named after. The Shubert organization is the biggest theater organization in the USA. 14 musicals were promoted in the first session. That is some of the main facts.

Sites I found this infomation on

Sites I found this infomation on
Briege Riley
Under New York City
Broadway Reviews
Annie is a great show for kids-Gillian
Lion King is amazing!!-Rebecca
Wicked is awesome-Lily
Mamma Mia has great songs-Nina
Peter and the Star Catchers is intense but good- Lindsay
Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is one of the most popular destinations in New York City. Rockefeller Center was built by John D. Rockefeller, and it took 40,000 people to construct. He started building in 1930 and it is currently made up of 19 buildings. There are a lot of paintings, sculptures and murals. Some famous buildings within Rockefeller Center are the NBC Studios and Radio City Music Hall. It has the most famous ice rink and christmas tree on earth! The christmas tree for the year 2013 was 100 feet tall! The tree lighting took place December 4th, 2013 and was covered in over 30,000 colored lights! If you ever visit NYC, make sure you visit Rockefeller center:]!!!

Sites I found this infomation on
Briege Riley

Sites I found this infomation on

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Thank you for watching!!!
Dedication page
I am dedicating this project to Rebecca and Lily for all of there help.
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