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C. McClain-Piggy-Period 4

No description

Neil Sullivan

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of C. McClain-Piggy-Period 4

Physical Description:

"The naked crooks of his knees were plump, caught and scratched by thorns."
Page: 1

"He was shorter than the fair boy and very fat."
Page: 1
"We can use this to call the others. Have a meeting. They'll come when they hear us-"
Page: 16

Piggy suggests using the conch shell like a trumpet to see if it will bring any other boys that might be on the island to them.

"What's your name?"
Page: 18

Piggy is one of the only ones to ask for the other boys names.
Third Most Important Action:

"The first thing we ought to have made was shelters down there by the beach."
Page: 45

Even though the others don't want to listen to what Piggy has to say he knows the most important things that need to be done in order for them to survive, so he tells them anyway.
Most Important Action:
Image by Tom Mooring
Second Most Important Action:
C. McClain-Piggy-Period 4

Charis McClain
Period 4
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