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St.Agnes of Rome Project

No description

adrianna teddybear

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of St.Agnes of Rome Project

By:Adriana Wiech The Life of St.Agnes... When and why she was canonized... It is unknown when Saint Agnes was declared to become a Saint but it is said the miracles she performed were instantly growing her hair to cover her entire body while she was praying. This happened after she refused to marry a rich man and was brought to an arena to be embarrassed. The man continued and was made blind by God as another man died for harming her. St.Agnes of Rome
"Christ made my soul beautiful with jewels and virtue.I belong to Him who the angels serve.-"St.Agnes St.Agnes was born in the third century in Rome Italy. She was raised non-catholic in a wealthy and kind family. She was known for her beauty, grace and humbleness. Due to her beauty many people asked her to marry them. Each time she said no because she said that Jesus was the only one she was supposed to be with. St.Agnes is the patron Saint of girls for her constant belief and prayers to God. She truly depicted a good role model for all girls; young and old.
She always made it clear to others that girls did not have to everything other people wanted them to do. She can be looked up to as being humble and kind as that of a lamb.
She always followed in Jesus' footsteps and cared for others when times were hard. So that being said, she is a wonderful and beautiful person inside and out. What St. Agnes is the Patron of... Why I chose this Saint... I chose St.Agnes as my Saint because she stood up for everyone, especially girls. She acted as a great role model without even knowing it and thought of Jesus and family before herself.I would want to be like her and be a good example for others as she was. She truly followed in the footsteps of Christ and fulfilled God's dream of treating everyone with respect. In conclusion I hope to be and act as much as I can to St.Agnes. How can this Saint's characteristics be used in our everyday life? We can use her characteristics in our life by thinking about our actions before we do them, as apposed to doing something when it can hurt you and others around you. We can think of how she suffered and went through those times calmly. She was kind to everybody she knew and forgave, these are great traits to have. When going through hard times believe in God as done in St.Agnes' life. Son of a virgin, Maker of Thy Mother,
Thou, Rod and Blossom from a Stem unstained,
While we a Virgin's triumphs are rehearsing,
Hear our petition.
Lo, on Thy handmaid fell a twofold blessing,
Who, in her body vanquishing the weakness,
In that same body, grace from heaven obtaining,
Bore the world witness.
Death, nor the rending pains of death appalled her;
Bondage and torment found her undefeated:
So by the shedding of her blood attained she
Heavenly guerdon.
Fountain of mercy, hear the prayer she offers;
Purge our offenses, pardon our transgressions,
So that hereafter we to Thee may render
Praise with thanksgiving. Prayer to St.Agnes -symbol of St.Agnes School St.Agnes She acted calmly through her persecution and that is why her symbol is a lamb and long hair. She was said to be humble and quiet like a lamb. In fact, her very name means pure one and lamb. What is her symbol?
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