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Copy of CB Prezi

Honors Thesis

Team EmptyFire

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of CB Prezi

Research Question Research Procedure The Results Interview Findings Interview! Survey Says... Experiment Results Color Studies: Examining the Impact of Packaging Hue and Value on Consumer Perception

How brands can convince consumers that they are healthy: Packaging
Nutritional attributes
Health claims Survey! Experiment! Preconceptions of health
How people search for information
Differences in health and food quality
Branded communication Interview Topics Brand perceptions
Beliefs of health
Importance of health claims Survey Topics Asked 40 people to look at beverage product images:
Select most visually attractive
Select healthiest brand
Food packaging Health claims Restaurant brands Food preparation Eco-friendly products "natural and healthy"
Light packaging colors "lightness in calories" Importance on negative attributes rather than positive ones
For example, "low in calories" more important than "high in calcium" Healthy restaurants described as: "grilled" "fresh" "natural" "organic" Healthy brands communicate their methods of production
Healthy restaurants visibly prepare food in front of customers Honors Thesis: by Natalie Engelhardt (Advised by Professor Priya Raghubir Color Studies: Examining the Impact of Packaging Hue and Value on Consumer Perception Honors Thesis: by Natalie Engelhardt (Advised by Professor Priya Raghubir Research Question Research Procedure The Results Literature Review Hue & Value How does color of packaging effect
consumer evaluation of:
Purchase Intent
Price Willing to Pay
Healthiness Research Question Health Perceptions
Cola Paradox
Health Claims
Color as a Marketing Tool
Color preferences are not constant
Blue is most preferred hue
Influence of color depends on level of involvement
The Role of Attractiveness
perception of attractiveness enhances product evaluation
Individual Differences
Need for Cognition
Hue: the pigment of the color
Value: the degree
of darkness or lightness
of the color 71 respondents Conclusions Effects of Packaging on Consumers’ Brand Perceptions Light colored packaging
Simplicity Effects of Nutritional Information on Packages Negative nutritional attributes > Positive nutritional attributes Effects of Health Claims on Purchase Intent 'Healthy' means different things to different people Presence of health claims increases purchase intent Effects of Color
Overall, color effects product evaluation Light blue is the most perferred hue overall Package color must be consistant with product image High value colors are percieved as healthier study 1 study 1 study 2 study 2 study 2 study 1 & 2 Scale* Results by Color Price Willing to Pay** * Avg of purchase intent, liking, healthiness,
attractiveness, cronbach α = .873)
**Scale 1-7 where higher numbers
indicate greater value

Coding Schemes product attribute coding color association coding Takeaways
Rocket, Snazzle, & Napal never recieved "healthy score"
Orange hue = sweetness, taste, unhealthiness
Dark blue = strength & energy
Results by Group & Color Purchase Intent Health Perceptions Attractiveness Gender does not have a moderating effect on color
High v. Low NFC has no effect on color A special thank you to Professor Priya Raghubir for all the help and guidance!
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