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Types of Photography Presentation

No description

Mondy Ahy

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Types of Photography Presentation

Types of Photography Presentation
Action Photography
Advertising Photography
Aerial Photography
Architectural Photography
Black and White Photography
Documentary Photography
Fashion Photography
Fine Art Photography
Macro Photography
Nature and Wildlife
Night Photography
Travel Photography
Wedding and Family Photography
Underwater Photography
We selected this photo becauseof how much
We chose this photo because it is a good demonstration of how this child in motion.
This picture of a Big Mac looks really good also it is an excellent presentation of how pictures can be a good advertising piece.
This was chosen because even though this is taken from a bird eyes view it still captures great detail and beauty.
We selected this photo because the building has an unusual shape to it.
This photo was selected because the eye shows great detail considering that it is in black and white.
9/11 is a perfect example of documentary photography because it represents a time in history that was documented
This was chosen because I can imagine how this photographer would be through his image. The photographer is most likely rude.
This image was picked because the frog looks very intense and looks very dramtic.
We selected this photo because it is a perfect example of how animals are in there natural habitat.
We chose this photo because it looks really interesting especially how the light reflect on the water
This photo demonstrates the diversities in different countries
This image defines a family photo.
Underwater Photography
This photo was chosen because it is very colorful and detailed.
Urban Photography
This was chosen because this represents a man in everyday life.
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