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Micheal Jackson Thriller Analysis

No description

Monique jones

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Micheal Jackson Thriller Analysis

Michael Jackson Thriller Analysis
Michael Jackson-Thriller
Micheal Jackson's music video 'Thriller' has a horror/thriller genre thought the music video. The lyrics in the song reflects the music video as it has a clear narrative which involves creatures like werewolves and zombies which are make belief characters and are often associated to the horror/ thriller genre.

In 1997 it was shocking to see a music video that is 13 minutes long. So Micheal Jackson was the first artist to show how to have an extended narrative in his music video. The narrative has to be interrupted so that the audience doesn't feel like they are just watching a Movie. Michael Jackson has scenes where he is singing along and dancing which is aspects usually seen in a music video especially at that time.
Analysis and Applying Toderov's Theory
This music video uses Toderovs' theory, as it has clear narrative which applies the theory. The music video starts with a scary scene which is the equilibrium of the music video. As the music video has a horror and scary mood though out. The equilibrium is interrupted by the girl leaving the cinema and Micheal Jackson also leaving with her. We then see them harmlessly joking around and singing walking down the street. We also see Michael Jackson dancing, which is the typical component seen in Pop music videos. The equilibrium is restored at the end when we see that Michael Jackson is actually the creature we saw at the beginning of the music video.

In relation to My Own Music Video
The use of lighting and smoke is very effective in creating a certain mood and atmosphere. The lighting and smoke helps to link the music video back to its genre of horror and suspense. By having this scene set in an abandoned walk way is also a careful use of location, it helps to keep us interested in what could happen next. It also allows the audience to question why its so deserted.

In relation to my music video the lighting, location and additional props will effect the mood i create. As i also have a horror theme dark lighting and dramatic lighting would look effective as dramatic lighting helps to isolate and dark lighting creates a dark mood. Smoke is an additional prop i would like to use in more scenes were its very dark and there's only a hint of light. Smoke is often used in horror either to make it seem like somethings coming or to indicate a fire/ danger.
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