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No description

Bryan Jernigan

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of detective

this career will definently
be around in 10 years, the
forensic technology will
improve, making it harder for
criminals to deceive detectives responsibities of a detective
your responsible for solving the case
your responsible for helping the victim(s) education you need either a high school diploma,or a college degree,
a college degree is better, and most places require atleast
2 year college education http://learning.capella.edu/default.aspx?v=publicsafety&eng=Google&WT.srch=1&DFAID=1 median annual wages of detectives and
criminal investigators were $60,910 Ethical issues corrupting evidence
purposely giving worng information
this career will not have a
specific place in there world
where its in high demand
crime rate is going up everywhere, but
the U.S. is the highest, so the U.S. would
be a place where they are needed technology well they use a database
of fingerprints, and they use forensic
technology customers the customers that detectives
have to deal with are usually
the victim, or people close to the victim well they have to buy
there technology (forensic tools)
from other businesses, and work
with the criminal justice system science and math this career is a problem
solving career, they must
solve cases, likwho murdered who, or
did this person do this they use math when calculating
perjectory (where was a bullet fired from),
how far away someone was from the victim,
and measuring how far a body was dragged written and verbal
communication you need to share knowledge
with your partner, you need to
cooperate with the other person
in a polite way they need to share knowledge
with the customers (victims), the need
to show respect. They need to write down a
report of what happened during
the investigation
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