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Literary Heroes of the Medieval Age

No description

Ally K

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Literary Heroes of the Medieval Age

Literary Heroes By: Ally Kimpling and Lexi Wagner of the Medieval Times Characteristics of
Heroes During the Middle Ages, any person could qualify as hero. Whether they be peasant or royalty, man or woman, any could join the immortalized amongst tales and epics, sung of by bards and hailed by all. All they required were actions and a mentality centered about chivalry. Chivalry was not just one thing, but actually the many ideals of knighthood. These would be things such as justice, courage, humility, valor, honor, loyalty, generosity, and courtesy. King Arthur Charlemagne ______________________________________________ ************* One of the greatest literary heroes of the Middle Ages, was King Arthur and his knights of the round table. As the legend states, he pulls the sword placed by Merlin the wizard, out of the stone in which it had been placed, a feat not even the strongest warriors could accomplish, and led the kingdom to victory against the Saxons in many great battles across England. Afterwards, Arthur who did not think of himself as a king, refused to sit at the head of any table so, he acquired a round table. He did this so that no one man would sit at the head and they would all be equals. Through this action he proved his humility and formed the knights of the round table. With his knighthood then formed, Arthur and his knights fought strange beasts, rescued damsels, and searched for the Holy Grail. They were courageous and honorable in these actions, thus meeting the requirements of heroes at that time. Citations ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ Charlemagne was also a great hero in the Middle Ages. He was the son of Pepin the Short and after both his father's and brother's deaths, he was the sole ruler of the kingdom. During his rule he fought many battles and achieved many victories, beggining with the defeat of the Saxons, after the war that had raged for 30 years. The battle that became the most popular was when he was asked by Spain for his aid in freeing their country of the Moorish Saracen's(Muslim) rule. He failed in this attempt, but one of the most famous songs about him arose during the retreat to France. The legend states that his army had been separated into 2 sections. One controlled by Charlemagne, The other by his most loyal general, Roland. While marching through the pass in the mountains, Roland and his section were attacked by a tribe called the Basques. The legend says that they all perished but fought bravely and relentlessely till their deaths. This tale, is also mentioned in the epic "Chansons de Gestes" (Songs of Deeds) which brings together all the main stories about Charlemagne. Charlemagne also fought off some Roman rebels, by request of the pope. After Charlemagne defeated the rebels, the pope found his deeds to be so great he named him as the Emperor of Rome. Charlemagne did not just have battle legends, but was featured in several morality legends, such as the one where an angel asked him to steal an object. Charlemagne was all-in-all a great literary hero and a hero of history. . Norman, Vera. "Four Conceptions of the Heroic." n. page. ___Web. 3 Sep. 2012. ___<http://www.kindreason.com/archives/4heroes.htm>. . Haaren, John H. "Famous Men of the Middle Ages." ___Authorama. (2004): n. page. Web. 3 Sep. 2012. ___<http://www.authorama.com/famous-men-of-the-___middle-ages-12.html>. . "Charlemagne." Myths Encyclopedia. n. page. Web. 3 ___Sep. 2012. <http://www.mythencyclopedia.com/Ca-___Cr/Charlemagne.html>. . Jokinen, Anniina. "Heroes of the Middle Ages." ___Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature. ___(1996): n. page. Web. 3 Sep. 2012. ___<http://www.luminarium.org/medlit/medheroe___s.htm>. . Jokinen, Anniina. "Heroes of the Middle Ages." ___Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature. ___(1996): n. page. Web. 3 Sep. 2012. ___<http://www.luminarium.org/medlit/medheroe___s.htm>. . "Charlemagne." Wikipedia. n. page. Web. 3 Sep. ___2012. ___<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlemagne>.
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