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Team TSC Meeting Presentation

No description

Clarita Giovanardi

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Team TSC Meeting Presentation

Collaboration on the workplace
leads to:
Breaking Barriers
The untapped Power of a Globalized Workplace
Argentine communication & style
Argentines are on the whole open, blunt, and direct, yet are able to remain tactful and diplomatic.
Argentines are warm people and their openness brings to the fore their passion and sentimentality.
In addition they are close communicators physically so will often communicate in a non verbal way.
The handshake is the common form of greeting between unacquainted men, and a kiss on the cheek for women.

Argentina & UK
British communication & style
The British might seem a little stiff and formal at first.
Prolonged eye contact might make them feel uncomfortable.
There is still some protocol to follow when introducing people in a business or more formal social situation.
The handshake is the common form of greeting.

Regardless of these differences we are able to work side by side.
New joiner Testimony
Mel T.
New joiner Testimon
Collocated integration
Country- shared hiring process
Training divided into calls and meetings.
Online introduction with HR Reps and TSC Team.
Ability to cover UK roles if needed
Contact since day 1 through Lync.
Weekly video team meetings and 1 to 1 meetings.
Constant status updates by email or lync.
Respect and awareness of different working hours.

Respect for activities undertaken in the different offices that may lead to unavailability.

Respect for the different in country situations that may lead to unavailability.
12 hs daily coverage of pools with members onshore and offshore.
Seemless transition between two countries.

Increase in productivity

Variety of viewpoints

Increase in creativity

Variety of language skills.

Close bond betwwen offshore and onshore resources.
Striving towards a better Accenture for all of us.
Integration to Accenture - Challenges/Collaboration

Warm friendly welcome
Everyone incredibly busy but always willing to help
Huge amount to digest in short space of time to integrate and start delivering in real time
Making contact with key stakeholders/team members when not in same workplace

Training the newbies

Creating transition plans and buddying systems
Training programmes
Completing detailed handovers

New groups and new relationships

Changes between groups and schedulers
Smooth transitions
Building new relationships

Diving in the deep end

New joiners getting up to speed
Picking up chargeability
Understanding process
Identifying better ways of working
Supporting their team members

Joining the MC team feels like whirlwind, the last 4 weeks feels like one entire week! First and foremost I’d like to say a huge Thank You to the MC team for helping me settle in & answering my never-ending list of Questions & Queries. In addition, a thank you to  the TGP & CSDS team for lending a helping hand too. Despite the work load there is a positive energy, and everyone is always happy to stop what they are doing & help fellow team members.

New Joiner testimony
New Joiners- Accomplishments
I joined the team on 3rd June after being an EA for 7 years previously .
My induction into the team was really a very thorough and fun experience. It was pretty daunting joining a new team in a completely new area of the business, but the team made every effort to make sure I was comfortable with things and took a lot of time out to go over the more tricky things, such as chargeability reports! Within days I felt like a fully-fledged and valued member of the team & I’ve really enjoyed my new role so far. Every day has brought with it various challenges, but the team have been incredibly supportive & I know that I can always go to them with any questions I might have.
Client Value Creation
One Global Network
Respect for the Individual
Best People
Aligned with our core values
Authentic people- Taking responsibility for our own actions
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