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Of Mice and Men Intro

setting, economic issues, language, american dream

Laura Nierman

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men Intro

Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck
born 1902
died 1968 Born in Salinas, CA He mostly wrote about the economic problems of California rural laborers. economic problems
in the 1930s Black Tuesday 1929
the stock market crashed
& banks were forced to foreclose on morgages and collect debts Late 1932: Stocks reached lowest point

November 1932: Franklin D. Roosevelt beat Herbert Hoover in a landslide race for President Banks' Fear of Failure
Millions of Americans began to withdraw their money & almost overnight, put thousands of banks in peril.

The more money Americans withdrew, the more banks failed, and the more banks failed, the more money Americans withdrew.

By 1933, more than 11,000 of the nation’s 25,000 banks had collapsed. Dust Bowl 1930 to 1936
severe drought
More than a million acres of farmland were labeled useless
thousands of farmers joined the unemployed
Okies: migrants who fled from Oklahoma and other Great Plains states to CA
1933: Unemployment reached its highest level, at 25% That takes us back to California where we meet George & Lennie, two migrant workers Of Mice and Men is set in the 1930s Dialect:
a distinct variety of language that differs from standard language What is the American Dream? Let's find out if it's possible for Lennie & George Published in 1937 He worked as a hired hand on ranches as a kid. Steinbeck went to college but never earned a degree.
He would drop in and out of school to work with migrant workers. Language in Of Mice and Men Because the story is about uneducated laborers,
the characters' speech is unrefined
and realistic, including slang and profanity. The coarseness of the language
contrasts with the tender actions
of some of the characters. For the characters in The Outsiders we saw that the American Dream included a cool car, enough money, a close group of friends, a girlfriend, a coke, and a good place to hang out. How would the American Dream be the same or different for someone living during the Great Depression? What do you know about America during the 1930s? A job where you could be your own boss
Enough food for the family
Somewhere to live
Support and family
A few bucks in the bank Sadly, many parts of this ideal were unreachable for many americans during the 30s
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