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wild boar report by rocco and mike

No description

minte roper

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of wild boar report by rocco and mike

wild boar report
wild boar

Boar hunting was very common. The boars snout
was worth 3 rounds of ammo or 6 srillings

The wild boar was introduced in 1769 by a french explorer. His name was
jean francois marie de suville.
Thanks for listening

You will mainly find boar in forests of Europe northwest Africa and it's also found in Asia.

Pigs quickly adapted to new zealand conditions.Like many introduced species with plenty of food and no predators new zealand populations quickly grew and mobs spread across the country. This resulted in widespread disaster

The wild boar is a omnivore, whose diversity in choice of food rivals that of humans. Its foods can be divided into four categories:

Rhizomes, roots, tubers and bulbs, all of which are dug up throughout the year in the animal's whole range.
Nuts, berries, and seeds, which are consumed when ripened and are dug up from the snow when abundant.
Leaves, bark, twigs, and shoots, along with garbage.
Earthworms, insects, mollusks, fish, rodents, bird eggs, lizards, snakes, frogs, and carrion. Most of these prey items are taken in warm periods
The wild boar also known as the wild swine or wild pig is a native to North Africa and the Greater Sunda Islands. Human intervention has spread its range further, making the species one of the widest ranging mammals in the world. Its wide range, high numbers and adaptability mean that it is classed as least concern by the IUCN. The animal probably originated in South-East Asia during the Early Quaternary period, and outcompeted other suid species as it spread throughout the Old World.
Boar hunting
How wildboars were
introdusted to New Zealand

why is the
wild boar a pest
Lamb and goat predation is so serious that vast areas infested with pigs have become unusable for sheep farming. Lamb losses of around 15% to pigs is common but losses as high as 38% have been reported.
why they are dangerous
boars kill any animals that see in its range.They are dangerous to farmers and animals and have been reported for sheep killings.

By Rocco
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