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ITIL/Prezipower Karen

ITIL Prezipower Karen

Karen de Heer

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of ITIL/Prezipower Karen

Double click anywhere & add an idea Was is the Powerpoint, or are you just stupid.. elementary is for going down a slide..not creating one. They've forgotten your point four slides ago computer > creativity? that won't get you a promotion.. Just because you have all the information, doesn't mean you have their attention. By creating numerous slides your drawing out your point and losing your effect on your audience. Putting bits and pieces of information to corresponding bullets isn't a talent, writing a gripping spech is. 1 2 Efficient Effectief CV Sollicitatiebrief Stemwijzer.nl + PVVkieswijzer.nl Gesprekken voeren F2/F3
Spreken F2/F3
Lezen F2/F3/F3 beroep
Luisteren F2/F3/F3 beroep
Schrijven F2/F3
Taalverzorging F2/F3 Wat is leren?
Milton Erickson/Nelson Mandela Als ze niet weten dat je bestaat, weten ze ook niet dat je goed bent! 7 pijnlijke e-mailblunders http://nos.nl/os2012/video/396963-de-wondere-wereld-van-dorian.html
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