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finite resources

what have we learned about finite resoures

azmeer faisal

on 30 August 2012

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Transcript of finite resources

Finite resources Types of finite resources Oil Gas Water Electricity Diamonds Pearls Gold How can we save finite resources We can save finite resources in many
ways like if we want to save electricity.
We can switch off our lights in the morning
or when we don't want to use it. We can switch off our fans and A.Cs in winters.If you to want save water you can close the tap when you don't need to use it. For Example, like when you are brushing your teeth you don't need to open your tap,t only open your tap when you need clean
your mouth with water. You can save oil by traveling on bicycles. Traveling on bicycles
is good because when you travel in cars your car takes out smoke and that is bad for your environment. Video on saving resources Conflict because of finite resources There are also being some conflicts because
of finite resources.The battle over oil has made a war, it made terrorism, and destroyed the world’s most powerful nations, such as the United States and China, against each other. Still, the wealthiest oil nations, such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia, are positioned to create much tension over the issues of oil.There was also a war between Pakistan and India for water.
They were the long history countries of tensions over issues.Both countries were attack by terrorists. The war reduced in recent years.This is how the conflicts
are in the several countries. Conflict Because of Finite Resources Pictures of some finite resources The End
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