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human centered design

No description

Daniel Metcalfe

on 21 October 2010

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Transcript of human centered design

Human Centered Design
The case of the eastern bluebird what's in the center if not humans? we said: Market/Profit
But! “you can’t be natural on a moving train” Howard Zinn We will talk about: Human centered design
Design and the free market
How do we use our creativity?
A designers red line
Possible future solutions
Aren’t markets/technologies created of humans?
Don’t all products have to appeal to humans?
So… maybe we should ask… Who are these “humans” in the center? The User:
the person who buys or uses the product/service The benefiter:
the producer /owner/shareholder that gets the profit off the product/service However, there are many other humans that interact with the product in the various stages of its lifecycle… Why is this important to remember? Good design can do a lot to improve people’s lives, however...
Bad design can have disastrous impacts on people’s lives. Let’s see an example: Who’s lives are affected by this product? design
end of life Source: greenpeace international E-waste international flow E- waste treatment in Ghana One of the most common assumptions about the “free market” is that: “Bad” products/services will slowly disappear from the markets as people will choose “good” products/services over them. Let’s assume that company x has a product on the market that people are not buying What are the companies options? Improve the existing product
Replace it with a better one
Manufacture a demand for this product Let’s take this bottle for example… Designers, even when believing strongly in human centered design, in most cases work within a profit centered framework. This is why our ability to sell anything, good or bad, can also be dangerous In this case the designers role was to wrap in a beautiful packaging something that is questionable in its essence. What other tools do companies use to manufacture demand and increase their profit? Politics laws bribery Advertising PR generate fear deceit green washing shock treatment This is why it is very important for a designer to be conscious of the general framework they work in and to define his/her personal red lines. So… what would you never design?

What are your personal red lines? Very very bad design: Monsanto terminator seeds Problem definition: for this I need your help... Solution Areas Legislations certifications standards Redesigning our institutions environmental taxes regulations Iso 14000 TNS Education Technology Social innovation Social businesses Social production User creativity Middle
revolution Creative communities Bottom up solutions “We have lived in this world where little things are done for love and big things for money. Now we have wikipedia... Suddenly big things can be done for love”.
Clay Shirky Thanks!
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