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Changing Fractions into Decimals

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Will Kelly

on 15 December 2016

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Transcript of Changing Fractions into Decimals

Skill 1:Changing a Fraction into a Decimal
1) Divide the numerator by the denominator
Example- make 7/10 into 7÷10
2) Get your answer!
Example- The answer would be .7
Skill 3:Changing a Repeating Decimal to a Fraction

Skill 4:Changing a Fraction to a Repeating Decimal
Skill 5: How to add Fractions with Same Denominators
Skill 7: How to Add Mixed Numbers
1) Multiply the denominator by the mixed number
Example- 5 6/7 7×5=35
2) Add that number by the numerator
Example- 35+6= 41
3) Make that the numerator and make the origninal denominator your denominator
Example- 41/7
4) Repeat steps for other mixed number
5)Find LCD
Example- 41/7 8/3 LCD= 21
6) Add
Skill 2: Changing a Decimal into a Fraction
Skill 6: Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators
1) Find the Least Common Denominators (LCD) or the lowest multiple the denominators have in common
Example- 1/6 + 3/8 LCD= 24
2) Find what each denominator was multiplied by to get to the LCD and multiply the numerator by the same number the denominator was multiplied by
Example- 1/6= 4/24 3/8= 9/24
3) complete the same steps as Skill 5
Adding and Subtracting

1) Move the decimal two spots to the right. Is it a whole number? If it is, then make that the numerator and make the denominator 100. If it isn't a whole number, make it one, make that the numerator, and make 1000 the denominator
Example- .12 change to 12/100
2) Reduce!
Example- 12/100 reduced to 3/25

1) Make x= the repeating decimal
Examples( .7) x=(.7)
2) Write an equation
Examples- 10x= 7.(7)
3) Subtract the repeating decimal from both sides
Examples- 10x- x = 9x 7.(7)- .7
9x= 7
x= 7/9
1) Divide the numerator by the denominator
Example- 2/3 to 2÷3
2) Note- this only works for
Example 2÷3 = .66(6)
1) Add the two numerators, but keep the denominators the same
Examples- 4/7 + 2/7 = 6/7
Skill 8: How to Subtract Fractions with same Denominators

1) Subtract the numerators left to right, but keep the denominators
Example- 4/7 - 1/7 = 3/7
Skill 9: How to Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators
1) Find LCD
Example- 4/7 1/3 LCD: 21
2)Multiply the numerators by the same number that the denominators were multiplied by to get to the LCD
Example- 4/7 7×3= 21 4×3= 12 12/21 1/3 3×7= 21 1×7= 7 7/21
3) Repeat steps for Skill 8
Skill 10: How to Add/Subtract Fractions that Contain Variables in the Denominator
1) Find the LCD
Example- 3/x + 5/y LCD= xy
2) Cross multiply the variables and numbers
Example- 3y/xy + 5x/xy
3)Make into one fraction
Example- 3y + 5x/xy
Skill 11: How to Add/Subtract Fractions with Variables in the Numerator
1) Find LCD
Example- 4y/a - 3x/b LCD= ab
2) Cross multiply the numbers and variables
Example- 4by/ab - 3xa/ab
3) Combine into one fraction
Example- 4by - 3xa/ab
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