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Calculus Overview

First day presentation for Spring 12 Calculus I: Concepts and Applications at Lesley

Angela Vierling-Claassen

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Calculus Overview

Three worksheets
Work in your teams
Check work up front when you are done
Correct/Ask about any problems Work with team & on your own
Each week get an information sheet
Work due on Mondays
Occasional quizzes
3 Exams
Application project Conceptual Calculus The Class Calculus Functions One of the greatest acheivements of our world. First steps taken by ancient greeks. Created as a subject by Newton & Leibniz in 1600's Essential ingredient in the great advances in science, medicine, engineering. Motion Algebra Distance = Rate x Time if you go faster for longer, you'll go further All change can be thought of as motion. To do calculus, you need functions Functions allow us to show the relationship between two quantities. Calculus lets us analyse functions to see how changing one quantity changes another. Algebra is the backbone of calculus. Without algebra, Calculus is just some crazy idea. Algebra makes the whole thing work. If you ever wondered where you were going to use algebra, your search is over. You can find your average velocity over an hour by dividing distance by time, but calculus lets you find your velocity at any instant (time=0), even though that would mean dividing by zero! This is what saves your butt so your head doesn't explode when you divide by zero. Learn about Calculus Do Calculus! Reading responses due Mon
Mini-lectures in class
Outcomes as explicit as possible
2 reflections on outcomes Read the Syllabus online! Ok, actually it's the idea of a limit that saves your butt, but this quotient helps. We're going to start with functions and linear change before we dive into this quotient and head explosions so that we can be ready. I have you work in teams because I want you to learn to communicate with each other about mathematics Working on your own ensures that you develop mastery and helps you see your strengths and weaknesses
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