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Get Organized

organize your work and time management

Stanbridge College

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of Get Organized

Get Organized
How to use the time management worksheet
Identify obligated time:
Fill in
fill in time it take to get ready and
between home, school and work
Fill in
times and food prep time.
Establish a set time to go to
and get up.
Use Technology
Use it to capture information from websites, store documents, save photos, type, record audio, and more.

Super useful for sharing large files, such as raw photos or PowerPoint presentations. An indispensable app to access your stuff online.

or Reminder
Create tasks and calendar reminders. A simple to-do list can help you gain momentum as you see your tasks checked off.

Keep track of assignments, quiz and test dates, and set reminders.

iStudiez Lite
another iphone planner to track schedules, tests and assignements
Time Management Tips
Learn to say "No!" to those who would interrupt your study periods.
Use waiting time/ breaks to study notes, read your text, etc.
Beware of perfectionism. Allow for flexibility.
If you have been putting something off, decide to work on it for 10 minutes at a time.
For projects that have a due date of 3 to 6 weeks later, it's easier to put in half an hour a week than to ruin the whole weekend just before it's due.
Don't blow off the weekends! Getting all your work done during the week plus feeling comfortable with your study progression then allows the weekend to be yours.
Make notes on easily portable cards (flash cards) or use your iphone or laptop.
Remember a high school setting is different than college. The amount of time you spent in weekly study for high school academics will probably get you behind at Stanbridge. Adjust yourself to the faster pace.

Keep a Planner/Schedule of your life
Organize your belongings
Environments to AVOID
Clutter and Mess =
space, time, for a clearer mind
Noise and distractions = procrastination
Poor lighting
Set aside a fixed place for studying and nothing but studying.
This area needs to be shaped in such a way that it becomes the best environment for studying.
It should be reasonably quiet and relatively free of distractions like radio, TV, and people.

Having a place that you can designate for studying and nothing else will help create an environment of habit where your instincts will focus on review. Then, whenever you sit down in that particular niche in the world, you'll feel like going right to work.
Look at it this way; when you come into a classroom, you sit down and go to work by paying attention to the instructor. Your attitude and attention and behavior are automatic because in the past, the room has been associated with attentive listening and not much else. If you can arrange the same kind of situation for the place where you study, will make it easier to sit down and start studying.
My life for now:
Identify free time:
Assign time to study for each class.
Allow 2-4 hours for each hour in class per week.
Try to study for classes on the days they meet.
Use large blocks of time for major tasks, and smaller blocks for review.
Schedule regular breaks! & Reward
Schedule FUN events; recreation, TV, visiting friends and family
Analyze your situation:
Have you found hidden time?
Is there enough time available to study for ALL your classes?
If your schedule looks reasonable STICK TO IT!
If your Schedule cannot accommodate all the demands on your time,
When Schedules Go Crazy

Don't panic. Try to remain
and think rationally.
Make a list of
. Separate out items that have to be completed from those that can wait.
Try to "
" or "rotate" things around so you can address your highest
Don't sacrifice yourself to your schedule. Remember to
eat, sleep and relax
. Getting stressed out won't help your concentration or your performance.
If need be, talk to your instructors and employers. Most people are reasonable during
times and will try to accommodate you.
However, use this strategy sparingly. Otherwise, you might not be taken seriously.

Remember that life happen....
1 – Make sure you have adequate supplies
2- Have a folder for each subject with dividers for each topic. Within each topic, sort it into thing to learn and things to practice.
3 – File away all sheets, handouts, flash cards, etc. You don’t want to throw anything away because you may have to refer to this material later in your career.

is a personal organizer app scheduler and to-do application that syncs with Google Calendar
Studying in front of a TV
Trying to work with a significant other who is not taking the same classes as you are, or who does not feel like studying
Extreme Temperature
Bad timing; too sleepy/restless
Ideal Environment:
Amanda Peterson
Academic Success Coordinator
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