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Persian Wars Chart

No description

Megan Wilmott

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Persian Wars Chart

519 B.C.
The Persians conquered a
group of people who lived in
Asia Minor called the Ionian

490 B.C.
The Ionian Greeks asked the mainland Greeks to help them rebel against the Persians
Athens sent warships to help them, but they were not strong enough to defeat the Persian army
This made the Persian King, Darius, very angry with Greece

494 B.C.
Darius sent 600 ships and thousands of soldiers to invade Greece. He wanted to punish the Athenians for helping the rebels
The Persian army landed at Marathon , north of Athens
The Persians greatly outnumbered the Greeks
480 B.C.
Darius’ son Xerxes
200,000 soldiers and
nearly 1,000 ships to
conquer Greece

460 to 429 B.C.
Age of Pericles: Pericles believed
that all male citizens, regardless of
wealth or social class, should take
part in government
431 B.C.
Many Greeks resented the Athenian domination within the Athenian domination
Sparta and other enemies of Athens formed the Peloponnesian League to counter the Delian League
Sparta encouraged an Oligarchy while the Peloponnesian League and Athens supprted democracy.
This led to a 27 year war engulfing all of Greece
404 B.C.
With the help of the Persian navy, the Spartans captured Athens and stripped it of its fleet and empire
338 B.C.
King Philip II of
Macedonia led his
army from the north
and conquered
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