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Music & Trigonometry

No description

Megan Long

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Music & Trigonometry

Music & Trigonometry Megan Long Engineering Building For Musical Purposes Panels found in Studios The sounds we hear everyday are transferred through sound waves and bent into
different angles so that they can be heard Engineers use trigonometry in Concert areas, rooms or other places that are made for the production and use of music so that the sounds are transferred and bounce off of the walls to make the sounds balanced and easy to hear. Trigonometry is used in measuring the level or pitch of a sound wave or musical note. These notes are measured in hertz. People can use panels in rooms such as studios and turn them in different angles so that the music waves bounce off just right to make the song sound smooth and even. In the following equation which is used to describe the mathematical part to the use of a microphone (t) is time, (A) is amplitude, and (w) is frequency.

f(t) = A sin(2 pi w t)
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