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Teaching Other People's Children: Literacy and Learning in a

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Julie Carroll

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Other People's Children: Literacy and Learning in a

About the Author
Relation to Education
As teachers we will all at some point deal with students who do not share the same culture as us. We need to realize that these cultural difference affect the way that these students learn and experience the curriculum. This book/ study is a great example of this fact. It explains rich experiences from the classroom teacher point of view and it should read by all teachers who are both entering the field and already in it because this is a topic that can often be overlooked in teacher training and staff developments.
How it can be used
As I have said before, this book is a great and easy read for all teachers. It shows how you can successfully work in an environment were you are culturally different from the students and still be successful. These environments that have such extreme differences that a young teacher can burn out and quit or burn out and remain, but remain as an uncaring individual who does not do good by the students. This book teaches you that by getting to know and understand who your students are and how they learn will not only allow you to have better academic achievement but you will also learn about yourself as an instructor. Also I fell that there is an underlying message in the book and it is that all good teachers are researchers. All teachers need to continue to improve and update and this is best done by researching your students and your practice. This video attached explains this well, but overall I think teachers need to read this book, especially if they are in a diverse environment or just starting out in
the field.
Graduate Book Project:
By: Julie Carroll

Teaching Other People's Children: Literacy and Learning in a Bilingual Classroom.

By Cynthia Balenger
Book Summary
The book is a reflection of an article by Lisa Delpit based on her own experiences. The book is written as a case study describing her time as a teacher at St. George, a primarily Haitian school. Using her experiences, she explores how teachers who listen closely to children from other cultures can understand the approaches to literature that these children bring with them to school.
Ballenger got data recording conversations in classrooms, writing transcripts of these, and writing professional papers focusing on what she uncovered. Through the study she finds that the more she learns about the students the more she actually learns about herself as an instructor and a person. I feel that this gained knowledge allowed her to realize that the students did not see text in the same way she assumed they did. Students were seeing text everywhere and incorporating it into their very social lives. From letters to words to concepts. However, she did not see this initially and would have become immensely frustrated had she not sought to find out why her students were responding so differently to written words. Overall this book presents a positive message on how to work with students that have a different culture that you.
- Dr. Cynthia Ballenger
- Started as a Special Ed teacher
- Currently Early Childhood Specialist
- Currently on staff at the Chèche Konnen Center, A National Science Foundation-funded center for science education reform and linguistic minority students
Lisa Delpit
This book written to confirm what Lisa Delpit's 1988 article entitled "The Silenced Dialogue" claims. In the article, Delpit states that "... appropriate education for poor children and children of color can only be devised in consultation with adults who share their culture." This is what Ballenger does when she speaks to fellow instructors who are also Haitian. She adopts their form of guidance which is more strict or direct than she is used to, but also has a caring communal approach.
Delpit Keynote
Here is a Lisa Delpit speaking. Its is about 20 minutes long but the message relates to the class an the book
The authors message to young teachers
Ballenger, C. (1999). Teaching other people’s children;
Literacy and learning in a bilingual classroom. New York: Teachers College.

Ballenger, C. (2013). Message to new teachers keynote. Retrieved from: Youtube.com

Delpit, L. (2012). Teaching tolerance keynote. Retrieved from:.com

*it would not let me post the youtube link without a video appearing here
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