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Holocaust Prezi

Made for Litericy

Grace VH

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Holocaust Prezi

What are so of non_Jewish actions of the holocaust? Where did the Holocaust take place? By: Grace Vanden Heuvel *German Jews
*Czech Jews
*Hungrian Jews
*Most European Jews
*People with disabilities Who was effected by the Holocaust and Nazi cruelness? *1933-1947 When was the Holocaust? *No citizenship or basic rights
*No voting
*Must carry ID cards and passports marked with the letter "J" for Jew.
*No heading business
*No going to plays or concerts
*Jews cannot go to school with Gentiles
*No jewels to be owned
*No driver's license
*Follow curfew
*No radios
*Must wear yellow stars on all outer clothing
*Live in Ghettos
*Sent to concentration or death camps
*No public phones used What were the conditions of the jews in the Holocaust? *Germany
*Soviet Union
*Many more European counrties How did discrimination against Jews begin? *When a man named Adolf Hitler became German dictator and blamed all of Germany's troubles on the Jews. Why did Hilter blame all German troubles on Jews? *Hitler did so because Germany was in an economic depression from after WW1
and needed someone to blame their troubles on. Famous People *Anne Frank
*Miep Gies
*Oskar Schindler Pela Alpert
William Applegate
Flora Baderhttp://www.wisconsinhistory.org/holocaustsurvivors/testimonies.asp
Lucy Baras
Sylvia Blasberg
Manny Chulew
Chana Comins
Herb DeLeviehttp://www.wisconsinhistory.org/holocaustsurvivors/testimonies.asp
Eva Deutschkron
Karola Epstein
Henry Golde
Susanne Goldfarb
Harryhttp://remember.org/educate/mtimeline.html Gordon
Magda Herzberger
Rosa Katz
Louis Khttp://remember.org/educate/mtimeline.htmloplin
Salvator Moshe
Walter Peltz
Fred Plahttp://prezi.com/ddnw5ko5v5gc/famous-people-of-the-holocaust/tner
Rabbi Mayer Relles
Saul Sorrin
Cyla Stundel
Rabbi Manfred Swarsensky
Israel Wolnerman Wisconsin Holocaust Resident Survivors as of 2012 Sources http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/holocaustsurvivors/testimonies.asp http://remember.org/educate/mtimeline.html http://prezi.com/ddnw5ko5v5gc/famous-people-of-the-holocaust/ Video
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