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Amr Tawfik and Ian Maner

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lib hist

on 4 September 2018

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Transcript of Amr Tawfik and Ian Maner

Ten facts about Jake Allex
1. He was a Sargent in the military
2.He was 72 when he died
3.He fought in WW1
4. He got the medal in 1918
5. He was born in Prizren,Serbia

The similarities
John Chapman
1.His name is john Chapman
2.Died in afghanistan
3.Resived air force cross
4.Born on July 14, 1965
5.Resived medal of honor in 2018

Amr Tawfik and Ian Maner
The Differences
1.They neither are still alive
2.Had different birthdays
3.Fought in different wars
4.Medal of honor was awarded 100 years apart
5.Allex was born in Serbia and John in U.S.A
1.They both were Sargent
2.They both are dead
3.They both were born in the month of July
4.They both got the medal of honor
5.They both fought for the U.S
The Heroes Of The Medal Of Honor

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