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No description

Jennifer Segal

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of rihanna

Fearlessly Defining Her Standard:
Beyond Beauty
Robyn Rihanna Fenty, St. Michael, Barabados
Mother: Afro-Guyanese
Father: Bajan/Irish

Began singing at age 7 A blend of beauty At age 15, her life changed, FOREVER. Eccentric appeal Girl next door Punk rock In the August 2012 cover issue of Harper's Bazaar, Rihanna stated she expresses her personal style being, "rebellious through my music, through my fashion, tattoos, and my hair." Smart, savvy, sassy, seductive, sensual, stylish Tina Turner's down right get down on it. Eartha Kitt's sensuality Lola Falana's magnetism Redefining beauty Influence
Cover girl “Whatever she is wearing, she makes it look absolutely current”
-Joan Rivers Among the 7 billion people on the planet, at this present time, Rihanna is without a doubt, one of the most photographed and famous beauties in the world. Fashion trendsetter and admired individual with millions of followers on social networks. Katherine Dunham earthy choreography Rihanna encompasses the beauty of some of the most influential African American women in history She is a genre blender Josephine Baker's gyrations 2012:
Rihanna and Oprah named top Forbes' list of Hollywood's highest-paid women Rihanna at only age 25, has:
endorsements with the likes of Vita Coco and Nivea
fragrances, Reb'l Fleur & Nude
toured over 85 shows in the past 12 months
over 65 million Facebook fans
net worth over 73 million Influence Power Wealth Afro-Caribbean
Style European allure Top fashion
Runway “Slutty is easy to do, but sexy is a whole other level”

“She can go from couture looks to street-wear and look really, really sexy in both -George Kotsiopoulos -Kelly Osbourne Grace Jones avant garde Betty Davis funk The transformational magic of Janet, Ms. Jackson if you're nasty Style range
Reggae Dance hall Reggaeton Gender Blender
Hip-hop R&B Dance Techno House
Dub-step =Rihanna's brand of pop Stereotypes. Colorism. Criticisms. & Such Rihanna has maintained from the start that she isn't a role model, nor is she trying to be all things to all people. She primarily uses her social media platforms to by pass her PR and record company machines to express her defiance to critics. Typically, her response is, "I Don't Give a Fuck" Beyond Beauty to Stratospheric Success 2.7 billion views of her on Youtube.com
28 million Twitter followers
37 million albums
146 million digital track worldwide (currently holds the record as the top selling digital artist of all time)
11 #1's singles
6 Grammys
7 Billboard Awards and much more
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