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Day 3 Pirate Academy

No description

Maram Alsuwailem

on 15 July 2018

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Transcript of Day 3 Pirate Academy

Even though we now have a ship, we can’t set sail until we load our ship with supplies
Place the 3 chocolate gold coins inside the treasure chest!
Welcome to the third day of Pirate Academy!

What did you do yesterday?
Pirate Academy
Loading Cargo
Who can move the most hex nuts in 30 seconds between the two tables
3rd simple machine:
Next Activity (Horizontally)
The ship is away from the dock and we need to load supplies to build rescue rafts on board.
After Activity Questions
What was helpful about using a pulley system to deliver the supplies?
Can you think of any other way pirates could use pulley systems on a pirate ship?
Simple machines don’t take batteries or fuel to help us work. Since pirates existed long before electricity and diesel-powered cranes, we need to use these simple machines to help us load up our ship and prepare to set sail in search of buried treasure.
First Activity
It's time to load the supply boxes onto our pirate ship
After Activity Questions
Have you ever seen an inclined plane near where you live or play?
Why would an inclined plane be very helpful for pirates?
Why would an inclined plane be very helpful for someone who cannot climb steps, such as someone in a wheelchair?
Inclined plane:
a ramp, one end must be higher than the other
1st simple machine:
Inclined plane
a long stick that pushes or pulls against a fulcrum to move an object
the point on which a lever rests or pivots
2nd simple machine:
Lets build something that would look like a see-saw
Can anyone figure out a way to balance the lever with two objects on one side and one on the other?
Next Activity Intro
Have seen or used chopsticks before?
Are chopsticks considered to be levers?
Is it hard to use chopsticks?
We will design a machine to pick up the heavy barrels of water we lifted high with our lever by wedging them between two grips.

Later let student adjust the placement of the fulcrum (dowel) to see how it affects the way the gripper works.
a simple machine made up of rope and a wheel
Next Activity
Lift some weight up
Lift our flag high
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