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Common Core

No description

Claire Proctor

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Common Core

For more information about Advocates for Common Core.
What is Common Core?
For a brief overview of the Common Core, read the sections
'What parents should know' and
'Read the Standards'
Feel free to browse the site for more information.


A set of standards, that is Nationally normed, in Mathematics and English language arts/literacy that outlines what a student should know and be able to do at the end of each grade.
A short video explanation of the Common Core
How was it adopted?
This link shows the progression of how the Common Core was created.
The state-led effort to develop the Common Core State Standards was launched in 2009 by state leaders, including governors and state commissioners of education from 48 states, two territories and the District of Columbia,


This is from the National Conference of State Legislators. It details state-by-state oversight and implementation of the Common Core.
Pros and Cons
This is from the National Educators Association website, www.neaToday.org. "Six Ways the Common Core is good for Students"
Opposing the Common Core
In this article, the authors address issues of misunderstanding of the Common Core.

In Defense of the Common Core Standards
By: Joshua Bleiberg and Darrell West
March 2014
Bill Gates outlines the benefits of Common Core and addresses the necessity to raise standards in the United States to meet the global competition.

Bill Gates Comes To The Defense Of The Common Core
By: Joy Resmovits
March 14, 2014
This is a letter written by a classroom teacher responding to a letter of discontent with the Common Core.

Teacher Maricela Montoy-Wilson Defends Common Core: A Response to Principal Carol Burris
By: Maricela Montoy-Wilson
September 18, 2014

This article is about how the Common Core standards are developmentally inappropriate, and can in result, hurt students more than help them.

Report: Requiring kindergartners to read — as Common Core does — may harm some
by: Valerie Strauss
January 13, 2015

This article focuses on how the common core forces schools to reduce the amount of recess in order to create more classroom time.

The Common Core is taking away kids recess- and that makes no sense

by Arthur L. Caplan & Lee H. Igel
NYU Sports & Society Program
January 15, 2015

This article states that in Utah, the common core standards are just as good if not better than the old standards. Professors from the University of Utah believe the new standards will improve students success.

Governor’s Common Core advisers like the controversial new education guidelines
By: Benjamin Wood
January 12, 2015
Here is a link to the Utahns Against Common Core facebook page. On this page there are numerous links to articles opposing the common core.


A balanced article that talks about what is right with the Common Core with out completely defending it.

What’s Right about Common Core?

October 10, 2014

Watch or listen to a riveting debate among educational experts as they discuss the Common Core.

Debate: Should Schools
Embrace The Common Core?
September 19, 2014

A simple and broken down list of the pro's and con's of the Common Core standards. This graphic shows positive and negative long term implications.

Common Core State Standards
Parents for public schools

Pros and Cons
"Policy Prorities: Coming to Terms with Common Core." Although this article is a few years old (Dec 2010), it does a very comprehensive job of explaining and advocating for Common Core
This website, www.coreknowledge.com is designed to advocate for Common Core. The section titled, Standards are not a Curriculum" is an interesting explanation.
Also an interesting read on
various Common Core "Success Stories." This
outlines the stories of a dozen schools that have had specific success with Common Core.
"Common Core: The Need for Improved Student outcomes." This video is produced by the National PTA, advocating for the foundation of Common Core.
"A State-led Effort for
Common Core."
This short video was produced by the National PTA.
The Foundation for Excellence in Education illustrates how Common Core will improve students' math scores.
"Old Standards V. Common Core: A Side by Side Comparison of Math Expectations"
Solomon Friedberg is chair of the Math Department at Boston College. In this opinion piece for USA Today, Friedberg explains the improvement to Math education through Common Core. This article helps to illustrate how math education will change long term.
Steven Colbert mocks Common Core in this short video clip from an April 2014 show . It is a good, and funny illustration of some of the frustrations of Common Core. Although, mostly ironic, it has been used by opponents of the Common Core .
An unbiased report of the pro's and con's of the Common Core

What are some Pros and Cons of the Common Core Standards?

This opinion piece addresses the hot button issues relating to the common core; including: flawed standards, financial burdens, and states opting out.

Rage against the Common Core
by: David L. Kirp
December 27, 201

John Stossel's skeptical report on Common Core, and the history of education reform.
Supporting the Common Core
Opposing the Common Core
The long term implications of Common Core are still being hammered out. Like any big reform, in the early stages, we don't yet know what is going to happen long term.

What is your opinion about the Common Core?
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