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Makey Makey August 2013

Davis Technology Conference #5

Bradie Ormond

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Makey Makey August 2013

Too good to be true?
Let's see it in real life already!
Presentation Format
This isn't academic
You will see a bunch of Youtube content, mostly produced by amateurs
I will then attempt to recreate some of the simple configurations
I am an amateurs
I NEED your participation and input
Try not to get involved I dare you.
You Makey Makey me CRAZY!
An invention (and access) kit for everybody!
Cognable: Free Light box program www.cognable.com
Banana Pianos Right NOW!
Cheap $50!
User Friendly
Emulates Mouse so it works on most computer software
tied to a laptop
doesn't work on iPad*
has to be grounded so user it tethered to system
All resources are available in the SkyDrive folder shown on your yellow card.
This better relate to the DESK!!
General Skills -
3-6 - "Demonstrate the process of scientific inquiry"
7-8 and Biology, Chemistry and Physics -"Construct models to describe concepts and principles"
4th Grade - Study the elements and patterns of weather and water.
5th Grade - Explore the features and behavior of magnets and electricity.
8th Grade Integrated Science - Investigate, measure and compare the transfer of energy through various materials.
Multimedia I - Use multimedia tools and authoring skills
Programming IA - Demonstrate knowledge of external and internal computer hardware
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