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by Becky and Taylor ;):)

becky Dalgarno

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Horses

By Becky and Taylor
The types of riding!
Types of breeds!!
The Horse Senses!
Here are some breeds of horses.
1. Most foals are born at night
2. Foals can stand up within one hour
of being born.
3. Thoroughbreds all have the same birthday which makes it easier to keep breeding, racing and showing records.
4. A horses hight is measured in hands.
1 hand = 4 inches.
5. A baby female is called a filly, a baby boy is called a colt, a baby boy or girl is also known as a foal.
We hope you liked the facts.
There is 2 types of riding - classical riding and western riding
Horses is not just for competing and a pet. Years and years ago still now horses can be used for pulling carriages and carts.
In Blackpool they pull carts.
Welsh mountain pony
Austrailia stock horse
Polo pony
Horses have very good sight.It can nearly
see all around its body and infront of itself.
A horses 2 blind spots are below his muzzle and
directly behind him.
The sense smell is very important
for a horse to survive in the wild.
It can smell water from a very long distance,
and will be able to find his way back home
by following the smell back.
A horse is a thin-skinned,short-haried animal , so he is very sensitive to touch.A horse can feel a fly land on his body and will be able to flick it away with a swing of his tail.
A horse taste develop on how you keep him,
Ex: A racehorse is rarely fed treats so he won't
know automaticly that apples, carrots, mints
and sugar are nice to eat. A horse can tell the difference between 2 types of water. He will
go off his food his feed or won't have water if it tastes to different.
A horses hearing is his most greatest sense. He is able to hear many things that humans won't hear and can hear noises that are up to several kilometres away.
A horse can be voice trained and will follow voice commands.
English equipment
For Human.
Breeches and jodpurs
Gloves-Cotton gloves, synthetic gloves, string gloves or leather gloves.
Boots and chaps- Leather paddock boots,half-chaps or jodpur boots.
You can also use a crop (whip) if needed.
What jump is harder and why?
What jump do you think would be harder to jump?
This one?
This one?
Clothes for for competitions
Basic outfit
cross-country outfit
Dressage outfit
Horseball is a great game played on horseback with similar rules to basketball. Points are scored by shooting the ball through the net and to help players pick up the ball- it has 6 handles! The game is fast- paced, with riders at a canter or gallop with no hands! oohhhh! Most clubs have junior and senior teams , so anyone can give it a go!!!
Budget Cuts Threaten Police Horses!
Police horses have been part of our
culture for hundreds of years, helping keep order in britain. But the future of the police horse is under threat as the goverment cut funding and two mounted police units have closed. There are currently 14 mounted branches across britain with 286 horses in service.
We <3 dun horses!!!
After going quiet for a number of years, the dun horses and pony society has been reborn from the ashes. Over the next couple of years, They are hoping to see the number of classes
for dun +buckskin horses and ponies increase in shows across the country
Riders accessories

Stocks and ties
coloured stock
collar and tie
and white stock
Hats and body protectors

light-weight ventilated hat
velvet-covered hat
hat with a carbon-fibre strip.
You can get hat covers coloured silk thats what horse racers wear.
English equipment
For horse
You get different types of saddles.
A jumping saddle, dressage saddle and normal saddle.
Peacock safety stirrup
Bent-leg safety stirrup
Fillis iron-tail and narrow with a thicker base
Hunting iron-wider and more curved than a fillis iron.
Stirrups base
Bridles and bits
A bridle and bit is used when the horse is getting ridden. It helps you control the horse.
loose-ring snaffle
eggbutt snaffle
french link (double-jointed)
three ring dutch gag
kk snaffle
hard rubber snaffle
loose ring lozenge snaffle
kimblewick with raised port- (type of curb)
pelham (type of curb)
Little Bits Of Information!!!!
Enstein the smallest horse in the world!
Enstein is a piebald pony. when he was born, he weighted 6ilb
and stood at a mere 14 inchs! Some people call tiny horses like enstein Dwarfes!! He is a very cute pony! He has been named the smallest horse in the world and is fetured in the gudiness world records!
Enstein! cute!
The End! Thank you for listening! Hope you enjoyed our presentation!!
Some cute Horse Pics!
Here is a horse poem
The old horse
When we go for a walk down the lane,
The old horse hears us coming.
So he comes to stand and wait
For us by the gate.

When we get out the bread
To feed him,
He bend s his large head
And we reach up
To stroke his nose.

Then, off he goe
To graze
And dream again of the days
When he used to pull
The coalman`s cart
And the farmer`s plough

Then, he was as strong as a tractor.
He is too old now
To work any longer,
But in the old days
There was no one stronger.
The end! Thank you for listening!
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