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The Presume Of Spencer Gorelick

No description

Spencer Gorelick

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of The Presume Of Spencer Gorelick

The Prezi-me Of Spencer Gorelick
9th Grade Student At J.P Taravella High School
Maplewood Elementary School Summer Camp-
CIT For A Month: July 2014 To August 2014
Responsible for overlooking a group of fifteen kids, ages three to seven.
Responsible for serving lunch to a group of sixty kids every Tuesday and Thursday.

Temple Beth Torah-
Religious School Tutoring: August 2013-Present
Accounted for teaching students, ages five to thirteen, the Hebrew language.
Responsible for assisting teachers with their students, ages five to thirteen.

I Am Independently Involved With The Following Clubs And Organizations:
Member Of D.E.C.A.
Volunteered As "Head Of Audience Involvement" in J.P.T D.E.C.A's Chapter Project:.
Joined J.P.T D.E.C.A's 1st Annual 9/11 Stair Climb.
Member of Shape Students.
Assisted with the collection of toys for tots and other programs.
Seven year player for CSFFC. (Coral Springs Flag Football Club.)
First year Teen Advisor, responsible for assisting coaches.
Volunteer for Temple Beth Torah, teaching students of all ages the Hebrew Language.
Assisted teachers in teaching students of Judaism and its practices.
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