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"And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie TIMELINE

No description

Mikayla K

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie TIMELINE

"And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie
Mrs. Rogers
After hearing the accusations, Ethel Rogers collapsed and was helped to bed. The murderer put a lethal dose of a sleeping medicine in a glass of brandy that was being taken up to her. Under the influence of her husband, she'd been involved in a plot to allow their sick boss to die.
Anthony Marston
He'd been the driver in a hit and run accident, and had shown no remorse for his actions. He choked on cyanide that was slipped into his glass. No one noticed his death because it was just after a recording was played accusing everyone there of causing the death of one or more people. It wasn't until later that Rogers noticed the missing Indian boy from the display on the dining room table.
Justice Wargrave
Justice Wargrave was upstairs decked out with a red bath curtain, wool, and red plaster on his forehead with the help of the Doctor. Everyone assumed he was dead because of the fake bullet hole in his head and left the "dead" body in the room.
Dr. Armstrong
Doctor Armstrong didn't think the Judge Wargrave was the murderer and trusted him, which was his biggest mistake. Wargrave pushed Armstrong off a cliff and into the sea, where he drowned. Doctor Armstrong had operated on a patient while drunk early in his career, and accidentally killed her.
William Blore
The remaining victims spent their day trying to signal the mainland using a mirror. A bear-shaped clock was dropped on William Blore’s head by the Judge who saw him walking up to the house while Vera and Lombard were still at the beach. William Blore was a policeman who set up a man to be framed for a crime he did not commit, this man later died in jail.
Philip Lombard

Vera and Lombard wanted to stay in open spaces on the assumption that Dr. Armstrong was in the house. They found his body and stole Lombard’s revolver. He lunged at her and she shot him dead. Lombard has been stuck out in the wild with a group of native soldiers under his command. He took their supplies and left them to die in order for him to survive.
Vera Claythorne
Vera, filled with guilt and shock by now, goes back to the house and up to her room. She finds a noose set up and waiting for her and commits suicide. She once let her fiancee’s younger brother go too far out in the sea and he drowned because her love would benefit from his death. The judge sets the chair she stood on in the corner with her foot prints on it and then shoots himself in the forehead in his bed all the while protecting Vera’s footprints. This set up involved an elastic cord, his glasses, the door, and the gun. He leaves 10 people dead and the gun with Vera’s fingerprints on it in the hall. Because of the known sequence of murders noted by multiple people on the island, there was no way that anyone could have been alive to tidy things up after Vera died. Only way police figured out what happened is because he put a signed confession in a sealed bottle and threw it out to the sea. A ship captain had found it.

The Deceptive Lure
One-by-one the victims are creatively invited by the mysterious Mr. Owen to the Owen estate. The invitations were worded in such ways that lured them to come to his estate on his private island. Each person isn't sure who he or each other is/are. Why were they all invited there? Did they all have something in common with one another?
General MacAruther
While General MacArthur was sitting alone outside, the murderer hit him in the head from behind. His wife was having an affair with some man and MacAruther sent this man on what was basically a suicide mission during WWI and the man ended up dying.
Mr. Rogers
Thomas Rogers was chopping wood for the fire and was suddenly killed by an ax blow to his head. The murderer considered Mr. Rogers to be the main person responsible for the death of his (Mr. Rogers) former employer, so he made sure that he suffered more in his death than his wife.
Emily Brent
Emily Brent was first polluted with a small amount of sleeping draught in her morning coffee. With the murder's advantage of having her nearly unconscious, they injected a dose of cyanide into her. She'd selfishly sent a girl working for her away because she had become pregnant, and in despair, the girl killed herself.
A Manuscript Document Sent to Scotland Yard

The murder of the 10 victims on Soldier Island was one of the 10 killed. The murderer decided to kill them in order of least guilt to the most guilt. Starting with Anthony Marston who was believed to be born without the feeling of moral responsibility. Then Mrs. Rogers who is strongly influenced by her husband. General Macarthur died painlessly he didn’t hear the murderer coming. After this death and 7 of them left the murdered needed and ally. Dr. Armstrong was this man because he was a gullible man. Next, the murdered kills Mr. Rogers who did not hear the murdered coming up behind him as well. The murdered then went and poisoned Emily Brent’s coffee. The bee happened to be in there which pleased the murdered to be as close to the nursery rhyme. After Miss Brent the murdered decided to fake his own death to keep everyone suspicious. The only one to examine him would be Dr. Armstrong (his ally). After the death the murdered pushed Dr. Armstrong off the cliff. The murderer went back to the house made noise so William Blore would hear and dropped a clock on his head. He watched as Vera Claythorne shot Phillip Lombard. Finally the murdered set the stage for Vera to finish the nursery rhyme.

Lawrence Wargrave
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