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Slave trade in Libya

No description

A Cannon

on 7 March 2018

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Transcript of Slave trade in Libya

Slave trade in Libya
Slave trade in Libya
"No one shall be held in slavery or servitude, slavery and slave trade shall be prohibited in all forms"
That is a human right that should always be obeyed. It is not being obeyed in Libya. In my opinion this is one of the most important rights because it focuses on the freedom of people
CNN in the last month has rallied up European and African Leaders to take action to stop this abuse. Libyan government has launched investigation. The Government has opened a transit center for slaves and refugees. The center is intended to safely house people before being resettled.

The slave trade in Libya is extremely terrible. It first became popular when a video of a man being sold for 400 dollars exploded on social media. Black men woman and children are being sold like objects. Men and Woman are beaten and tortured while they work. They barely get any food or water and many die.
Action Plan
The Libyan government come must come together and further investigate this topic. Other countries should send there troops to help free these poor people. All the people that are selling and buying humans shall be sentenced to a lifetime of prison. All slaves must be freed and given good shelter, food, water and should be put in some sort of therapy to make sure there past does not haunt them.
my action plan is intended to give people what they deserve and need. These people have been stripped of their lives and no one has really done much about it. I intend for my plan to bring back the happiness into all the people and to bring any slave owners or sellers to justice and give them what they deserve. Young children have been born into slavery and dont even know what its like to laugh or play or be a child, all they know is work.
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