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Sound Energy

No description

George Calvert

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Sound Energy

Thank You!
Sound is a form of energy that travels in waves and is detectable through vibration. Sound energy requires a solid object to travel through, this includes air and water.
Sound Information
Sound is a form of mechanical energy
The measurement of sound energy is related to its pressure and intensity.
There is no sound in space because there is no object for sound to travel through.
Sounds travels through a solid much faster than through air.
Sound travels faster through a liquid such as water faster than it travels through air.
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By: George, Kelly, Hayeon, and Calvin
Sound Energy
When you hear a noise that is an indicator that sound energy is present.
Sound energy emits a low amount of energy compared to others forms of energy.
Real-Life Scenario
When a battery is put into a speaker, chemical energy in the battery transforms into sound energy. When another device its connected to the speaker, the electrical energy from the device transforms into sound energy. Once the speaker has been disconnected the remaining energy in the speaker's battery converts back to chemical energy.
Our movement represents how sound energy is detected.
When sound vibrations are heard, your ear vibrates along with the sound.
Our movement is when someone can not hear, and they push their ear outwards.
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