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The Hang Drum

This presentation is about the Hang drum and was created for a world music class.

Lindsay Van Horn

on 28 November 2011

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Transcript of The Hang Drum

Not a drum!
An instrument of sound developed by PANart in Switzerland
This is a cross between a steel drum and a ____ drum from India
The drum is made of steel pans put together to creat the UFO shape
Authentic Hang drums are only available through PANart.
Debuted in 2001 at the Frankfurt Music fair
original Hang drums were available in 45 standard scales. Second Generation Hang were tuned individually as they were made How can you get one? Construction of the Hang Drum The Hang Local Hang Drum Talent Some great Hang Drum Music Other Alternatives Who is PANart? Created by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schaerer in Bern, Switzerland
They are the only producers of the instruments
The place of production is called the Hangbauhaus
Each Hang is custom made to order by either Felix or Sabina
There is a guest room at the Hanghaus if you feel compelled to take a trip to Switzerland, it is open to the public. meant to combine an indian ghatam and Trinidad steeldrum
There are two sides fashioned out of steel pans
The top is called the Ding side
The bottom is called the Gu side This may be a trick question!
In 2005/2006 the makers decided that all the time they were devoting to fulfill demand wasn't allowing them to continue to experiment
You must write a letter to Panart (they don't have a website).
They only produce a handful of drums a year and are picky about who can purchase them.
Because they second generation Hang were tuned on an individual basis, you now have to go to Bern to hand-pick one out. propane tank drums
tongue drums
imitation hang drums
space drums www.dancingmanmusic.com
itunes music store
www.hang-music.com Michael Fitzsimmons-
I met him when he started working with Carol Joy Holling Camp. He performed with multicultural instruments and then led a drum circle with the kids. What is a Hang ? Evolution of the Hang Drum How do you play a Hang drum? He got his first Hang in 2004- Sold to him from a Seattle music store
He got 2 more in 2005 after speaking with Felix, he was told they would not ship from Bern
Felix told Michael he would ship a Melog hang (A great harmony to the C pentatonic he already owned) and an Ake bono based tuned Hang with a variation (there are no others like it)
He was able to describe to Felix the kind of record he wanted to produce and the instruments he wanted to use, and was thrilled when Felix agreed to send him two!
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