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Black History Month

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prince black

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of Black History Month

Black History Month
Austin Dabney
He is mostly known for him being a slave who fought as a private in the Georgia militia against the British during the Revolutionary war. He is recognized for his bravery in the war.
Henry Mcneal Turner
A very influential African American leader who was a serious church organizer for AME and was known for how outspoken he was about migrating back to Africa.
Booker T. Washington
Booker T. Washington was an African American educator and leader. In georgia he is known for his Atlanta Compromise speech which was delivered at the Cotton States and International Exposition in Atlanta. This is considered to be the strategy for black response to southern racial tensions.
W.E.B Dubois
W.E.B Dubois was a very influential and outspoken person who addressed the issues on discrimination of races in the United States. In Georgia, some of is best pieces were written and he fought to change some of the unfair laws on people of darker complexion had to follow.

John and Lugenia Burns
John and Lugenia Burns Hope were a married couple that were activist in the Civil Rights Movement. John Hope attended Brown and Morehouse college to earn his degrees.
Alonzo Herndon
Alonzo Herndon was a very accomplished African American that owned a barbershop and a prosperous company named the Atlanta Life Insurance company. He was one of the most successful African Americans and was Atlanta's wealthiest black citizen.
By: Prince Black
Linda Brown
Benjamin Mays

Martin Luther King Jr.
Maynard Jackson
Hamilton Holmes

Chalayne Hunter
Linda Brown daughter is the daughter of Oliver Brown who tried to enroll her in an all-white school that was closer to them. This later became Brown v. Board of Education which is a case that made all schools integrate.
Benjamin E. Mays is best known as the longtime president of Morehouse college in Atlanta. He was an educator, scholar, and social activist that also taught a very accomplished person Martin Luther King.
Martin Luther King Jr is the leader of the Civil Rights Movement and was a supporter of a peaceful movement and not responding to the wrong doings with violence. He is known in Georgia for his many speeches and movements here along with him attending Morehouse College.
Maynard Jackson was the first African American mayor of Atlanta which is a major city. He was elected in 1973 and served 3 terms.
Hamilton Holmes is best known for him desegregating Georgia's universities. He was also one of the first African American students elected to UGA.
She is best known for being one of the first two people admitted into UGA who were African American. She also was an award winning journalist and was respected in other industries such as television.
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