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tere pereira

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of TOP TIPS FCE PART 1

multiple choice ( reading and listening)
gapped text ( reading)
multilpe matching (reading and listening)
cloze ( use of english )
open cloze ( use of english)
word formation ( use of english)
sentence transformation
( use of english)
sentence completion ( listening)
long turn ( speaking)
collaborative task ( speaking) FC E TOP TIPS
check the time that you have before the exam
work on a regular basis
make a plan of what to revise and keep a record of your progress.
get past papers
get a good grammar reference book
and an english english dictionary. the reading :
1 hour , 3 parts.
read all instructions carefully BEFORE YOU START
answer questions one by one, leave the ones you're unsure of behind.
underline the evidence for your answers
you should know why the wrong ones are wrong
don't leave empty spaces EXTRA WRITING TIPS:
read instructions carefully BEFORE YOU START
plan before you start
always be aware of who your interlocutor is.
in part 1: check you include all notes
in part 2: write about something you feel comfortable with.
check before you hand in ( all the areas listed before) writing
1 hour 20 min
You'll be assessed on : range of language, accuracy, register, format, word length and organization of ideas use of english:
4 parts , 45 minutes.
check that your spelling is correct all through the paper.
in parts 1,2,3 read the text after you finish, to see the final text makes sense.
in part 4 make sure you haven't changed or mispelt the given word.
always write one answer. USE OF E , EXTRA TIPS:
in part2:read the whole sentence before
you decide
in part 3:think of the kind of word
you need and always read the sentence till the end before you decide.
in part 4:don't write unnecessary words
and never more than 5. LISTENING AND SPEAKING COMING SOON !!!
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