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Training vs. Development

No description

Tori Lyons

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of Training vs. Development

Training vs. Development
Tori Lyons
1 a : the act, process, or method of one that trains
b : the skill, knowledge, or experience acquired by one that trains
2 : the state of being trained
Effects on Employee Motivation According to Olteanu
According to Ryan Tracey, we can’t ‘do’ development for others; they must do it for themselves.

With training, employees depend on someone to instruct them.
Training and Development
Training generates productivity increase
The amount of this growth is different according to
Chosen sample
Content/design of training
Period of time when the evaluation is carried out.

Highly structured
Features are under the employee’s control
Depends on the learner’s abilities and interests.
Uses the training to improve employees’ skills and knowledge in line with the organization’s objectives.
Learners adapt their behavioral repertoires and frames of knowledge to accommodate the skills and knowledge required to perform their jobs and follow expected procedures and policies (London & Hall).

Research Says
4 a : to cause to evolve or unfold gradually : to lead or conduct (something) through a succession of states or changes each of which is preparatory for the next developed his argument
b : to expand by a process of growth working to develop the company further
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