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No description

Anna Landgren : P

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of THE LYING GAME

A Prezi By: Anna Landgren
Period 2 THE LYING GAME A Resolution to A Pre-Problem( And the Setting) The two twin protagonists, Emma and Sutton, are dealing with some difficult things. One is is dead, one is alive, one is living the others life, and one is a ghost that can't be seen. DEAD AND ALIVE Throughout the story, Emma faces more conflicts like, being able to act like Sutton without knowing anything about her but from her Facebook Page , not acting like the Sutton everyone thought they knew, and growing close with everyone without knowing when all of this perfect life will disappear. Slowly Rising The Eruption of Nothing Since this book is the first of the series "The Lying Games" there is no big resolution to the story. A couple of minor conflicts are solved, but the author and narrator really leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. Nothing about the protaganists change that much being only in the first out of four so far books. Elements of Fiction Element #1: Minor Characters. The minor characters I am focusing on are Sutton's parents. They give off a lot of info about Sutton that Emma needs to know and it really describe what Emma has to act like in greater detail and understanding about her lost life. Emma has gotten in some trouble, her foster brother is abusing her, and as a 17 year old girl , she knows what to do, she punches him, twice in the face. And then she leaves to meet her sister, who has contacted her anonymously. Emma takes the 8 hour overnight train to Sobino Canyon, Arizona, where Sutton lives. When She shows up, Sutton isn't there. But yet again Sutton is, or at least Emma is there to be Sutton . Sutton has disappeared, and since they are identical twins, everyone thinks that Emma is Sutton, so she goes along with it. After all, it is better than foster care. A series of lies build up, but after all it is a Lying Game.

The mood of the story is mysterious and suspicious. The narrator created this mood by starting as not knowing who they were, and figuring out more throughout the book. It is definitely a page turner and I wouldn't put the book down and I 99.9% guarantee you won't either. Sutton Mercer was killed, and it is up to Emma Paxton, her long lost twin, to find the murderer. Emma has been in foster care almost her whole life, and doesnt remember most of what happened in her early childhood. One of the things she remembers is that her mother would often forget things; about Emma, her job, buying food. The Social Services took her mother away when she was young, and now she has no family left...yet.

Sutton Mercer lived " a charmed life," and she and her friends, Mads, Char, and her sister Laurel, all belong to The Lying Game. These girls aren't ones to be reckoned with, they have a history of the so-called "Lying Game" where they play pranks on each other, and others they don't like, and not normal pranks either. The pranks they do may have even evolved Sutton now being dead........ Emma Paxton 's lightbulb of reality goes off in her head when she was waiting for Sutton in Sobino Canyon at the bus stop and she never shows up. Then as Emma is sitting there waiting for her sister, Sutton's friends blindfold her and take her away, with a fake gun at her back. Of course, Emma knowing nothing about the pranks, thinks this is real. When Sutton's friends start calling her Sutton, she gets a text from "Sutton" telling her that Sutton is dead, and to pretend to be her, so she does.
This is the inciting incident because it sets off one real problem, that Sutton is dead, and that Emma has to act like she is Sutton. The antagonist is anonymous at this point in the story, it is someone textign Emma and is probably the killer. Since it is a series it isnt decied in this book. Another minor antagonist is one of "Sutton/Emma's" enemy's from tennis, Nisha. Inciting Incident! Conflict with Minors, Is She Teaching Kindergarten? Emma has other conflicts with minor CHARACTERS, so she isn't fighting with little kids, just other people in the story.
Some of the other conflicts Emma has with other characters are: Laurel, Sutton's sister, Sutton's two best friends, Mads and /char, Ethan Whitehorse, and Garrett her boyfriend.
She has minor conflicts with these character mainly because she doesn't know very much about Sutton's life and faces difficulties involving these characters. Falling Action: None Element #2: The second element of fiction I will be focusing on is symbolism. A necklace that was Sutton's symbolizes the type of person sge was, star of the show because she didnt want anybody else having anything like it, and high-classed.
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