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SWOT presentation of the North Face Brand

No description

Cédric Druais

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of SWOT presentation of the North Face Brand

SWOT presentation of the North Face Brand
SWOT analysis conclusion

Strong brand
Well-known brand, especially with the outdoor community.

Investment in R&D in order to make the most high tech gear available.
Company culture
is deeply rooted in a commitment to the environment & sustainability
Store experience
The environment inspires any visitor to go out in the world and explore
The competition
The North Face's biggest threat comes from its competitor : Patagonia.
The competition
Another threat would be lower prices competitors, like Columbia Sports.
New marketing techniques to appeal to costumers
Brand building efforts

Product perceive as "too expansive" to many people

Difficult to grow with limited amount of customers

Not covering the whole outdoor sports
Too focused
Lack of communicating of their innovations
No use of mass media advertising
Employee Moral
Lack of effective infrastructure
Pay minimal and little chance for upward
Creation of the company in 1966.
- Mission and dedication to the extreme

- Many suburban consumers

- Style and latest technology

Expansion of the targeted market
The north face develop his range of products to reach new customers.
Many possibilities
North Face owned by VF Corp, a group with important cash flow, which make many evolution possible

cashflow means that you can organize prom events or sponsors sports events
Develop cohesion and communication into the brand and group
Improve internal cultures, and communication it will fluidize works in general

Create a company spirit that reach employees to give their best and to get involved
- Business challenge
- Communication objectives
- Brand essence
- Relationship with consumers
- Motivating points
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