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The Pros and Cons of Swimming

No description

Saribel Sanabria

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of The Pros and Cons of Swimming

For starters, it is
a perfect way to have
fun and stay fit. It is a great way to relieve
yourself from stress and
relax. Swimming : The Benefits and disadvantages Pros! You get the benefit of creating a family within your team and socialize better outside of the pool. Though swimming has its pros, cons level out this activity. Being in swimming can cause you to sprain your muscles, possibly drown, pop your ear drums if you dive too deep, and snort a lot of water. You smell like chlorine no matter how many times you shower. You get dry hair and skin.
It may seem Swimming is
one of the best
sports to
work on all
of your
muscles. Swimming has it’s
pros and cons but at
the end of the day
its a great sport to
enjoy. Swimming allows you to
maintain a healthy body. Being in swimming does not necessarily mean you are fit. Though junk food may be tempting, at the end of a hard core practice, eating a salad instead of burgers is worth it. It looks great on your college applications and keeps you out of trouble. Being a swimmer allows you to have an efficient heart and lung system and gives you a competitive drive that will help you in the real world. You also have to maintain a healthy diet that strengthens and allows your body to grow. You eat way too much and sleep a lot. There are some swimmers that fall into doing drugs to increase their swimming speed. Swimming takes a
lot of your time and
you must manage
work as
well as
gatherings. Presentation by:
Jennipher Ramirez
Samantha Balderrama
Saribel Sanabria as if it’s a
challenging sport but
it’s FUN. You get an aerobic
exercise that works all of your muscles
and looks good in the summer. Being a swimmer sounds interesting and it is, but it has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Cons
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