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AS Level Graphite Presentation

AS Level presentation on graphite and touching briefly on graphene

Matthew Cheung

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of AS Level Graphite Presentation

By Matthew Cheung and Jeff Lau
What is it?
An Allotrope of Carbon
Thanks for listening
1. (noun) each of two or more different physical forms in which an element can exist .
e.g. graphite and diamond are both allotropes of Carbon
A giant covalent structure
Arranged in a honeycomb lattice in parallel layers
Carbon atom
Strong covalent bonds
weak intermolecular forces
Van der Waals forces
Van der Waals Forces
1. (noun) weak, short-range electrostatic attractive forces between uncharged molecules
1. Making pencils.
Physical and Chemical Properties
Shiny, slipperish, grey solid at room temperature
Separation of 0.142 nm between the carbon atoms (d)

Distance between planes is 0.335 nm (2.5d)
Is a good conductor of electricity and heat
High melting point (3650°C)
High boiling point
Similar properties to graphite but IT'S FLEXIBLE and IT'S STRONG
1 layer of carbon atoms thick
Electron is delocalised
Delocalised electron gives graphite its ability to be a good conductor of heat and electricity
Sigma bond between the two carbon atoms
Sigma bond
A type of covalent bonding when the electrons are shared equally between the two relevant atoms
Acts as a selective filter
Only allows water to pass through it's holes
2. Used as a dry lubricant in machine parts.
3. Making Electrodes
source: google.co.uk
source: google.co.uk
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