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Fences: Group Discussion

No description

bri colson

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Fences: Group Discussion

: Group Discussion

Act 1
establishes character traits and relationships between different characters.
Scene II
More insight on Troy (his work) and his relationship with Rose is shown. Gabe (Troy's brother) is introduced. The readers can get a feel for the effects of what happened to Gabe in this scene and the way Troy reacts to it.
Scene III
Troy's youngest son Cory is introduced. Troy and him get into a falling out because Cory reduced the hours he works to just the weekends to make time for football which goes against the original agreement that he had made with Troy in order to join the football team.
Gabe is Troy's brother. he is a war veteran who survived a major head injury which makes him act not completely sane. Troy constantly bails him out of jail and feels bad that Gabe moved out of the house. Gabe is very happy and cstantly claims that he is a sort of messenger for heaven.
Cory Maxon
Cory is Rose's and Troy's son. He is good at football and ends up resenting his father to the point where he almost doesn't go to Troy's funeral. Cory resembles Troy more than Lyons. Troy is harder on Cory when it comes to discipline and the way he is raised. Core eventually joins the military and makes something out of his life.
Jim Bono
He is often seen around Troy, they drink and work together. In the play Troy and Bono resemble best friends . Whereas Troy acts one way towards his family, Bono acts completely different around his. He is the more rational one out of the duo.
Lyons is Troy's first born son. He loves music and refuses to let anyone change his mind. Troy was not there when Lyons was growing up and it bugs Troy whenever it is brought up. Lyons often is seen asking for money from Troy or just stopping by to see how everything is going with his father. Troy and Lyons have a jokey yet slightly exasperated and serious relationship.
Troy Maxon
He is the main character, married to Rose, has two sons and a daughter, all three from different Women. He does not want his sons to go through what he did all he wants for them is to be successful. Troy often exaggerates his stories to keep listeners attentive.
Rose Maxon
Rose is married to Troy. She is more realistic and straight foreward. Many characters look up to her as opposed to any one else in the play. Rose keeps everyone in check and doesn't speak often unless to control a situation or give inspirational advice to the other characters.
Scene I
You are introduced to Troy, Bono, Rose and Lyons. You are able to see the way Troy responds to his first son when he asks for money. This is where Rose becomes established as a moderator. The scene takes place in front of the Maxon house.
Scene IV
Troy becomes a driver at his job (the first black driver for the company). Troy calles the school and tells them that Cory isn't going to play football anymore. This leads to another falling out between the two.
Troy's only daughter, by a third woman, never meets her mom and is raised by Rose. Troy dies when she is very little and is raised like she is an only child. She finds everything amusing and can be considered to be as stubborn as her father was.
Conflicts within the play
takes place during a time when blacks and whites weren't equal. Troy attempts to fight for equal rights, winning a small victory when his boss allows him to become a driver. There are several conflists revolving around the way Troy raises his children and his reasons behind his actions.
Act II
Scene I
Scene II
Scene III
Scene IV
Scene V
Tension rises in this act between Cory and Troy. Rose also finds out Troy's mistress.The fence in the yard eventually is finished being put up, but not long after Troy dies. relationshis such as Bono and Troy's slighty fades due to differences in life styles, Raynell is introduced to the audience after Troy dies.
The audience first hears about Troy's affair in scene I. This starts an argument between Bono and Troy. Troy tells Rose and they also get into an argument. Cory tried to stand up for Rose which causes Troy to threaten Cory, who is currently on "Strike two" in Troy's eyes.
Alberta (Troy's mistress) has a baby girl but dies in the process. Troy has a delusional conversation with "Death" at the very end of the scene.
Troy sits on his porch with Raynell in his arms. Rose agrees to be a mother to the child, but refuses to be Troy's woman anymore.
Everyone appears to be ignoring and trampling over Troy on his front porch. His final straw is when Cory walks past him without saying excuse me. Things get heated and Cory picks up Troy's old bat. He can't bring himself to swing at his father which becomes his "third strike". Meanwhile the fence tht Troy spent his adult life working n is finally complete.
Troy is dead and everyone is getting ready for his funeral. Cory shows up, he mad a life happen for him by joining the military. He refuses to go to the funeral until Rose talks some sense into him. Raynell is a little older and the audience is able to see the effects and similarities between her and Rose.
The majority of the play takes place within the perimeter of Troy's property. With this setting Troy has more say than anyone else. He takes advantage of the fact that he is in charge. Troy has all of the power when it comes to his property.
Throughout the play Troy and other characters are seen working on a fence around Troy's yard. For years the fence never gets finished until right before Troy dies. A lot of the relationships can be seen in bloom while working on the fence. The fence has a lot of symbolism behind it. It almost seems as if nothing holds together until the fence is complete.
One of the main examples of baseball imagery can be seen when Troy tells Cory that he only has three strikes. He advises Cory not to strike out. Troy allows Cory to get away with three things, on the third it is the final straw. Cory becomes no loger welcome. On his "third strike" Cory actually picks up Troy's old baceball bat, but cannot actually bring himself to swing at his dad.
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