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DMS Project - Foundation Degree

Reflective presentation of the project for deliveryand m,anagement of the Foundation Degree in Medical Technologies

Dickson Steve

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of DMS Project - Foundation Degree

Planning Your Research Project
Identify Broad Areas
Select topic and set objectives
Decide approach
Formulate plan
Collect info
Analyse data
Present findings

Marchington and Wilkinson, 2002 Gibbs Reflective Cycle What happened Feelings Evaluation Analysis Conclusion Action plan Identify broad ideas Writing introduction •Adult learning experience to include
oDistance learning
oStudent retention
•Student support / contact and channels of communication i.e. technology Moodle
•Student satisfaction
•Transition from Foundation Degree to Honours Degree
Primary Interviews •John Thatcher – CEO of Eastwood Park
•Robert Strange – Managing Director of Avensys Medical
•Mary Thomson – Director of Partnerships for the Faculty of Computing information science and Mathematics (CISM) Kingston University
•Ann Rapley – Associate Dean for the Faculty of Computing information science and Mathematics (CISM) Kingston University
Secondary Interviews •Sarah Barman – Course Director Health Informatics Foundations Degree
•Graham Lee - Course director Historic Buildings conservation Foundation Degree
•Islam Choudhury – Course Director of Business processes Foundation Degree
Core subjects Slow start Summary Gained alot from the literature review Reduce number of interviews Improve interview techique with practice Under pressure - time Methodology Why interview?
Approach taken
How was it done?
Generation of data
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