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"Housepainting" By: Lan Samantha Chang

No description

Malaka Nzinga

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of "Housepainting" By: Lan Samantha Chang

Plot Summary
Cultural Elements
"Housepainting" By: Lan Samantha Chang
Lan Samantha Chang
She is the daughter of Chinese immigrants, Chang left Wisconsin at 18 to attend college at Yale University, where—after trying pre-med and pre-law classes—she got her bachelor's degree in East Asian studies. She received a master's degree in public administration from Harvard University before attending the University of Iowa's prestigious Writers' Workshop, where she attained an M.F.A. in 1993.

Falling Action: Wei does not get upset. Annie, Wei, and Frances decide that if they paint the house together they can finish before the girls parents get back.
Exposition- Annie's big sister, Frances is coming home with her boyfriend to visit her family.
Character Breakdown
Annie- Annie is the narrator of the story, she is also the little teen sister of Frances. She is nosy and sympathetic.
Mom- The mother in the story is the very insensitive and bossy. She worries about the future of her daughter. She likes Wei a lot and is very strict about who Frances can be with.

Dad- The father in the story is lazy when it comes to yard work. He is very happy that Wei comes because he has a male friend to talk to. He is very nonchalant.
Cultural Shifts/ Elements
The family in the story is very Americanized. They enjoy going to movies and fantasizing over American actors. The clothes they wear are westernized. They also enjoy eating American foods like popcorn. They still keep parts of their culture like not hugging.
1. Always value family and help them when they are in need.

2.Always heed the opinions of others and dont make decisions for them.

3.Allow people to live there own life.

4.Listen to your parents, they know what is best for you.
Rising Action: The sister comes home early, which surprises the family because they are in the middle of cleaning. Wei decides to paint the house blue. Frances feels like her parents are taking advantage of him.

Climax: The daughter is upset that her parents like Wei more than she does. She is indecisive about marrying Wei. She begins to paint the house back to its original color yellow.
Resolution: They finish painting the house. Frances finally decides to marry Wei. She realizes that her parents happiness is more importat than her own.
Frances- Frances is the older daughter of the family, who is coming to visit her family. She is confused and moody. She is the protagonist.

Wei- Wei is the boyfriend of Frances, who plans on marrying her. He is helpful and calm. He is the antagonist.
Value: (Xiaoxun)Filial Piety or respect to one's parents
Norms: Medical School is a norm. They are expected to become doctors so they can later support their families.
Norms: Hugs are not allowed in there family tradition.
Group Members: Malaka N., Rasheed T., Trayshon J., Ibrahim F., and Etienne A.
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