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Indonesia Genocide 1965

No description

Will Jacobson

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Indonesia Genocide 1965

Over 3 decades of enforced silence following this mass murder. Mention or even discussion of the killing was forbidden and who did were arrested, put in prison, and executed. The bodies were clumped into caves and shallow graves to hide them.
Since World War 2 history seems to repeat itself. In Indonesia in 1965 500,000-1,000,000 Indonesians were killed for being communist.

-The victims were the PKI or the Partai Kumunis Indonesia. That one of the largest communist group.
The members of the PKI were called commies and were tortured in the streets. They were also harassed and put down and weren't outside much because of the military.
The Indonesia military is sent over to the island in raids one at a time. There military is armed with american and british weapons. Over a third of the Indonesia population is wiped out.
-The persecutor was
the Indonesia military discriminated against the PKI. The military was led by President Sukarno.
The communists were brutally tortured. there were forced disappearances and rape, forced movement and many other bad crimes against the communists.
In some cases the communists were drenched in gasoline and matches were thrown on them.
The government planned to invade east Timor on October 1st 1965. The military had to make meeting with other major countries to get a go to invade the communist island.
They had to make plans with other countries to invade a city in there country.
The anti-communists made signs and made broadcasts against the communists. Some other anti-communists would do a little extra just to show that they weren't equal to everybody else. They would do that violently
IN case you missed
Who: PKI and the Indonesia Military
What: The result was 600,000 people dying
Where: Indonesia
When: 1965-1966
Why: Indonesia government didn't like the ways of the communist
Symbol: The Communist Star
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