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Reading Strategies

No description

Hiroki Thometz

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Reading Strategies

When skimming, you find the words that seem to be most important in the paragraph
Highlight things that could be important
Skim entire paragraph
find words that could be of importance
get a feel of the reading
identify main ideas quickly
technique used when time is limited
technique used when content is great
How to scan
look at organization by author
look for
look for words from questions being asked
Make Marginal Notes
Take notes in margins on pages
questions you have
definitions of words
complex language -> simple language
Arguments (agreements/disagreements)
Evaluations (your own thoughts)
Hiroki Thometz

Reading Strategies
Period 5
search for key terms
when you know what to look for
useful when looking back on content
Learning Spanish
Revise basic grammar
Learn the most used vocab (and its gender)
Read A lot
Listen to music/songs
Get involved in culture
Know spanish-speaking countries
Make friends in Latin American culture
Take Spanish Courses
Make Dictates

Aprender Español
Repasa la gramática básica
Aprende el vocabulario más habitual (y su género!)
Lee mucho
Escucha canciones
Involúcrate en la cultura
Conoce los países donde se habla español
Trata de hacer amigos españoles y latinoamericanos
Toma cursos de español
Haz dictados

Try to learn Spanish in the most efficient ways possible. Whether it be reading, speaking, listening, bookwork, or many other ways. However, try to learn spanish in the most ways that you can possibly do to get a better grasp on the language. Also, test yourself to check your understanding. However, the most important thing is to be patient and keep trying.
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