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Is or is not Odysseus an Epic Hero?

Is Odysseus an Epic Hero? Or is he just like those other myths that are told to us. Its about time that we all find out

Gregory Kennedy

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Is or is not Odysseus an Epic Hero?

Is Odysseus an Epic Hero? Or is he just a myth?
Time to find out. Odysseus Invocation
The call to a higher place. The Island of the Lotus Eaters The Cyclops The Sirens The Land of the Dead The Cattle of the sun god Ithaca Tell me my muse, O mighty God, of that amazing hero who traveled far and wide after he had vanquished the town of Troy. Many places he had visited, and many he was acquainted with. He suffered greatly at sea trying to save his own life and the lives of others. Is this not the great hero I have heard all about? Is this not the hero who tried to save his own men? Yes this is the that great hero having to suffer after his men ate the cattle of the sun god Hyperion. This great hero named Odysseus saw his men perish through their own sheer folly.
All they wanted to do was to go home to their families, but alas it was not to be. Odysseus did all he could to save those he cared about, but it still came to nothing. They were kept at sea never able to return home to their families. O almighty God is this truly the one I have heard all about? Sadly it is the great Odysseus the hero who was not afraid to give his own life for the sake of others. There is still more to be heard, still more to learn about that great hero Odysseus. From the land of the Lotus-Eaters to Ithaca, Odysseus faced the impossible. Zeus caused a storm to blow Odysseus's ships to the island of the Lotus-Eaters. The thing was the Lotus-Eaters did not care about their homeland after they ate the flower (Lotus). If Odysseus's men ate the flowers they would lose hope of getting home. So Odysseus told everyone not to eat the flowers and he also told everyone to hurry aboard the ships. Then Odysseus had the ships leave, and this shows that Odysseus is a hero. Odysseus and his men stumbled upon a home of the Cyclops. Odysseus was able to get the cyclops drunk, after drinking wine, and he ordered his men to hide in the goats that belonged to the cyclops. When they made it to the ships the cyclops took a piece of the hill and through it at Odysseus and his men. The wave that was caused by the cyclops beached them. Then after eating the cyclops's goats they left. Odysseus and his men sailed to the land of the dead. Then Odysseus started to pour wine, water, milk and honey into the pit where the undead was. He even ordered his officers to get the best beast they had to sacrifice it for the gods below. After everything they did one of the dead started talking about how he died. Then Odysseus gave the dead boy a proper burial. Soon after, Odysseus and his men left the land of the dead. Odysseus and his men are warned that there are sirens in the distance. Sirens will sing a song to lure men into the water then they will kill the men. Odysseus made bits of beeswax to give to everyone to put in their ears. They even tied themselves up not to go into the water.Odysseus and his men did not succumb to the singing and they sailed away. Odysseus warns his men not to eat the cattle of the sun god. Not long after they been in the sea cave the men started to eat the cattle of the sun god, and Odysseus during this time was asleep. Then the sun god Hyperion cried down in anger for what Odysseus's men had done. After some trouble after leaving the cave Odysseus and his men are trapped at sea. After Odysseus and his men been at sea for many years they reach a place called Ithaca. For the first time in years Odysseus and his men were able to relax and have peace. Soon after reaching Ithaca they returned home to their families after 20 years at sea. Odysseus: Summary In slide six Odysseus is charged with a quest. In slide eight Odysseus is tested in his quest. In slide 10 Odysseus travels to a supernatural world that he is unfamiliar with. In slide 12 Odysseus possesses supernatural abilities and qualities. In slide 14 Odysseus reaches a low point and he seems to be defeated. In slide 16 Odysseus experiences a resurrection. In slide 18 Odysseus claims the rightful place on the throne as the leader of his people. Standard ELACC9-10RL1: Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.
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