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Life Cycle of a Cockroach

No description

Gena Bruce

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Life Cycle of a Cockroach

The Life Cycle of a Cockroach The female cockroach lays about 6 purse like sacks which are 6-12mm in length, and each pouch has about 30 eggs in it. The baby cockroaches are called nymphs
A A A baby nymph cockroach Gena Bruce Enjoy:)! Stage 1 The nymphs look like miniture adult cockroaches As the nymph grows up, they molt. This usually occurs 5-19 times during its development. Nymph picture Interesting facts
How many cockroaches are in the world?
there are about 4000 spicies of cockroaches!
Cockroaches bleed white blood.
Cockroaches have 6 legs and 18 knees!
Roaches can go for a whole monthe without food! but only a week without water.
Cockroaches can swim and hold there breath for 40 minutes. But they breath through there sides, not there nose, which makes it hard to come up for air.
If you see a white cockroach, its not albino, it has just shed its shell.

Pregnant for life? It doesn't sound like much fun, but some female cockroaches mate once and are pregnant for the rest of their lives. After it has molted several times, the cockroach has become a full adult and is ready to take on the world! Good luck cockroach! Life span is 1 year.
But they can live 3 days-1 week without its head! ewwwwwww!!
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