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Simon Birch

No description

Koby Westers

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Simon Birch

Simon Birch:
Static and Dynamic Characters

Simon Birch
Simon is a dynamic character.
Rebecca Wentworth
Rebecca is a static character

Simon Birch
Joe Wentworth
Joe is a dynamic character

Ben Goodrich is a dynamic character
Reverend Russell
Reverend Russell is a static character
Joe Wentworth
How are Simon and Doodle Similar?
Ben Goodrich
How are Joe and the Narrator Similar?
They both help their friend/brother get around with life, school, and just about everything they do.
Reverend Russell
"Your son is not a screw up. He is a hero, and you don't deserve him."
Does a
Protagonist Have to
be Dynamic for a Good Story?
A protagonist doesn't necessarily have to be a dynamic character for a good story. Just because a protagonist isn't dynamic doesn't mean it will be a bad story. Honestly, it just depends on what you think a "good story" is.
At first, Joe didn't believe that Simon was going to be a hero, but after Simon and Joe had their fight, and Simon had gotten sick, Joe told Simon's dad, "Your son is not a screw up, he is a hero! And you don’t deserve him." This shows that Joe changed his opinion about Simon, and he believed Simon was a hero.
“What kind of nonsense is this? That child has more faith then you will ever know.”
Rebecca's feelings about Simon never changed. She always cared about Simon and treated him
"I want to know there's a reason for things. I used to be certain that God had a plan for me, but now I'm not so sure. Tell me God has a plan for all of us."
At the begining of the story, Ben cares for Simon and Joe, but just as two kids. Throughout the story Ben changes his perspective about Joe and starts to love him, and adopts him at the end of the movie.
By: Koby, Raelee, Sammy,
and Lindsey

Rebecca Wentworth
Reverend Russell
Ben Goodrich
Joe Wentworth
"There are no accidents. God has a plan for everyone. I'm going to be a hero."
At the beginning of the movie, Simon was sure that God had a plan for him, that he was God's instrument, and that God made him the way he was for a reason.
This shows that later on in the movie, Simon had doubts about him being Gods plan.
" There is no God. It's like believing in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. Stop trying to make sense of it all."
like her own son. She
hadn't changed her opinon about Simon when she died.
"Nice to meet you, I heard all about you on the train"
"If you ever need anything, just give me a call".
Reverend never changed his opinion on Simon. He always treated Simon harshly and was never able to look past Simon's apperance.
Reverend always cared about Joe, he just didn't show it in the beginning. After Joe's mom died, Reverend felt more obligated to tell Joe he was his father. This was becuase he didn't have a lot of family members that could take care of him.
They both had to overcome obstacles
They never took pity on themselves because they were different.
Simon's obstacles were his hieght/apperance and how almost everyone didn't believe that he was God's instrument.
Doodle's obstacles were his physical incapabilities and everyone telling him he couldn't do things.
Both of them had people doubting them and in the end they both changed peoples lives.
If the protagonist is static, the story could be less interesting but you could turn it around by having a antagonist be dynamic.
Aurora in Sleeping Beauty is the main character and she is not Dynamic, but Sleeping Beauty is still a really good movie (and she also has blond hair and blue eyes but she's not evil!)
Joe attaches an extra seat to his bike so Simon can ride with him, and the narrator pulls his little brother around in a wagon where ever he goes.
They are both Dynamic Characters because there friend/ brother changed their lives, perspectives on their eachother, and how they lived.

Simon Birch
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