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Greenlane Christian Centre

By Charlie Staite and Jack Leeming

Jack Leeming

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Greenlane Christian Centre

Our Trip To The
Greenlane Christian
Centre By Charlie
and Jack The Greenlane christian centre is built on a complex... The complex has
A bookstore
A childcare centre
Office buildings
and a main auditorium The church was started in 1981 so it is quite a modern church. It was started when 15 friends began meeting up at venues around Auckland to discuss their thoughts on christianity... The church's history In 1983, the group of friends began buying land on Marewa road. It wasn't until 4 years later that the church was opened The organization now has about 2300 people! Beliefs The GCC believes in... The trinity (father, son, holy spirit)
Jesus Christ
The bible
Stewardship The Service As we entered the main auditorium, we passed the cafe and walked into a hall. The hall had lots of seats pointing towards a stage at the front.... When we sat down, we started with singing to relgious music and a reading from the bible.. We finished the service by singing some more songs. Some people went to the front of the room to worship god while they sang Questions? Well I guess that just
about sums it up then...
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