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Checks and Balances- Go to the website and read about check

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William Gillette

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Checks and Balances- Go to the website and read about check

Limited Gov't in U.S.
Checks and Balances- Go to the website and read about checks and balances in our gov't then, write a paragraph explaining the purpose of checks and balances.

Check this video out on Separation of Powers - Answer the questions in the video.

Watch the video and answer the questions on Federalism

Define popular sovereignty in your own words after reading the brief description.


Popular Sovereignty
Once you are finished explain in a two paragraphs how checks and balances, federalism, and popular sovereignty help to limit government in the United States and not give too much power to any one person. (A paragraph is about 5 sentences)
What the brief video on the three branches of gov't...
For guided notes on the purpose and jobs of three branches of government click here. Fill in your guided notes.

Go to the link and play the game!

Check this game out!


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