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The Pedestrian By: Ray Bradbury

No description

Fluffy Weston

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of The Pedestrian By: Ray Bradbury

The Pedestrian By: Ray Bradbury
Theme Statement
Theme: Technology is becoming prioritzed over everything
Evidence 1: Everyone is inside watching TV instead of being outside like Leonard Mead
Evidence 2: The police car is a robot which shows that technology is valued over human work.
The Pedestrian is set in 2053 in a densely populated neighborhood at midnight.
Characters and Characterization
Symbol: Leonard Mead's symbol is a cane. we chose a cane because Leonard Mead is considered old-fashioned because he takes walks and does not have a TV.
Characters and Characterization
One Word: One word to describe Leonard Mead could be old-fashioned. Leonard does not have a TV and still takes walks which is not normal for the times. "And you have a viewing screen (TV) in your house to view with?"-police car "No"-Leonard Mead
Point of View
The Pedestrian is told in 3rd person.
Example of Irony
In this story, Leonard Mead gets arrested for taking a walk. This is an example of irony because taking a walk is something very normal to do now but in this story, taking a walk makes people think you are insane.
Example of Simile
"...sending patterns of frosty air before him like the smoke of a cigar."
Example of Foreshadowing
"In ten years of walking day and night, for thousands of miles, he had never met another person walking, not one in all that time."
This is an example of foreshadowing becuase it hints that we won't meet anyone on this walk.
Presentation By-
Ryan Richter, Kennedy Dukes, Natalie Cutting, Carson Clark
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